Twice In One Week

Thank you to everyone who’s donated to the podcast and raised enough money for me to buy a new microphone stand.

Two new podcasts for your listening enjoyment in one week!

I know! I’ve been a busy boy. Recording at least one conversation per week this month.

First was my conversation with Maymay about KinkForAll. We talk about the problems with other events out there and how you can help.

The second podcast was with my friend Joan. We talk about what it’s like being a switch, why women are better submissives than men, why feminism has made it harder to meet a dominant guy and much more.

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Please please please email me with any suggestions you have on how to improve it.

One Comment

Thanks again for letting me have a mouthpiece on your podcast and for helping to spread the KinkForAll idea to the rest of the world. 🙂 As I mentioned when I left my other comment on the MasoCast episode page, I like how you described it as “unlike any other kink event out there.”

We talked a lot about how and why KinkForAll is important, why “the scene needs new people,” and how we can create a space that engages them in participatory ways while dealing with many of the socioeconomic barriers young people face. In case people missed the links in the podcast, here’s a list of a bunch of the stuff we mentioned in our conversation:

The KinkForAll home page:

The specific post I like to refer people to about KinkForAll: KinkForAll and the Evolution of Sexuality Communities

Some of my other, unrelated works are at:,, and of course my own blog at