My Latex Shirt

So I now own a latex shirt.

I’m going to an event (possibly two) this weekend that will be populated by mainly latex fetishists. I’ve gone to the event before, it’s mostly just a lot of people in latex socializing. Good people for the most part. Every time I’ve been there’s been a good number of friendly people to talk to. Almost all in latex.

I’ll admit, I’ve been avoiding events like these for the past few months. I’ve been trying to just relax and take a break but I miss the socializing. There will probably be a few people I haven’t seen in a while there too and it will be nice to say hi.

I really don’t have a latex fetish, nor do I really have a leather fetish. It’s great to look at, don’t get me wrong, but I would imagine that being all suited up in latex might make play more difficult and limiting. Wouldn’t it? No clue.

The latex shirt is somewhat of a necessity since there are some events that require it. Latex on guys though, isn’t flattering. At least not on me. I feel way too thin in it. (note to self, try to start working out more than just 2 times a week). I never understood latex fetish before. Sure it looks great but it also looks uncomfortable.

I know plenty of women who love latex. One of my best friends has a damn good collection and I met another one of my best friends at a party while a submissive was running latex lube on her body getting her all nice and shiny. I never understood what the big deal was. Sure it looks good but I thought it would feel weird. Then I tried the shirt on. I tried it on and thought “wow, like a chest/tummy condom…only this feels good”. I think I get it now. I’m sure there’s a big difference between walking around and socializing in fetishwear as opposed to… know…other things.

Another reason for the latex shirt is my upcoming trip to Europe. The Euro-kink-fest sextravaganza. (Who am I’ll probably be sexless but it’s just fun to say it). The parties in Europe are mostly fetish based. A friend recently told me that most parties in Europe have little to do with BDSM but lots to do with fetish. So, a boy needs to be prepared.

Originally I was planning on wearing the latex shirt with my leather pants but I was quickly told that they don’t go together. Time to find plan B.

Come to think of it, there are a number of events this weekend that I might be going to. Thankfully I’ll be going with one of my best friends so it won’t be awkward.


You know, half the fun of these items of clothing are the way they feel. As in, when I’m touching them. I like the way leather pants feel on people, and latex and fur, and anything you can touch.

And you are NOT to skinny. Stop that. You are hot. Trust me.

Can’t you be skinny and hot at the same time? May’s skinny as a stick, and he’s still so hot it’s potentially lethal.

I demand pictures of said shirt. Not because I particularly like latex. However, I do love demanding things.

Skinny in latex is hot.
For pants, check out Nasty Pig either at the Leather Man or at their own store in Chelsea. I have a pair of their chaps, the ones I wore to Folsom East last year. Sturdy, levi cut, sexy military style pants and shirts. They don’t rip and aren’t too hard on the wallet. xx-Y

I’m pretty sure latex was invented for skinny men.


Wendy- I agree, though nothing beats skin.
Ok, now it looks like I was fishing for compliments.

Eileen- Maybe I’ll email you some, though, posting them on here might be a bit too much.

Yin- I remember those chaps! They looked great on you. I picked up my leather pants at Leather Man as well.

E- If I take any..I’ll email them to you:)

Just for the record, I agree belatedly agree with Eileen. Skinny men are sexy. They are actually, ‘teh sex’

I heartily concur that skinny men are hot. And if you’re going to email pics to Eileen, you can’t neglect the rest of us who feel the same way.