Massage As Service

Over the past month or so I’ve been giving a lot of massages.   Even as I type this my hands still smell like lavender massage oil.

In every circumstance it’s been a massage where nothing was expected in return. In most of those situations, nothing was returned.

I kinda like it that way.   

As with all forms of service, I don’t like the idea that I need to be rewarded for pleasing someone. Pleasing in itself is it’s own reward. It’s something I can usually do pretty well given the proper feedback from the person on the other end.

Most massages are strictly platonic. Sure there’s a hint of sexual tension what with the sexy noises (I swear I’m not the one doing it) and the skin on skin touching, but it’s still a way for me to please without being directly sexual.

Take tonight for example. I spent over an hour giving a long, deep tissue massage. While I did get turned on a few times, I was usually too focused on doing a good job to have my mind in the gutter. When it was time to go, we talked for a little while and I was on my way. I was smiling all the way home and yet didn’t have the reaction I was expecting. I was expecting to be turned on and frustrated but I was happier just knowing that she didn’t feel like she needed to repay me for a job well done.   

It’s a new experience for me, having a form of service that has more sexual overtones. It’s not like I’m naked while doing it but bringing physical pleasure to someone without it being directly sexual.

A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend who complained about a sore back. I very casually offered and later she accepted. She knows I’m submissive and knows that I find her attractive. I was glad that she felt comfortable enough with me and trusted me enough. I wasn’t a total angel. I did get turned on now and then but for the most part I was more emotionally turned on by the fact that she was trusting me and letting me serve her in that way. Plus the fact that I could do something to make her feel better put me in an amazing mood.

I don’t want to make it sound like I’m some expert by any means. There’s a lot I need to learn. I’m decent at giving deep, hard massages but my knowledge on how to work out a knot without digging in deep could use a lot of work.

One day I’d like to take a class. Add it to my list of things I can do to pamper a woman.   

Maybe one day my list of skills would be enough to turn myself into a one-man-spa.


I’ve gotta think of more so it sounds more appealing.

Maybe I’m changing. There was a day when I couldn’t give a massage to a woman without thinking of having my face buried between her legs 100% of the time.

Now it’s only 75%.


a one man spa

i’d definitely make a visit

Add cooking. A man who can take some simple directions and create a meal from that is great! Particularly if he does the dishes afterwards. We already know you can clean. Actually, the combination of your legs and your bucket is imprinted on My brain as one of the sexiest pictures you have posted.

Acupressure – very clever way to get close to women but not annoyingly close, and give them pleasure too. DON’T rub your dick with her feet while you’re working!

Colouring eyebrows and lashes. I know, this sounds over the top and into the fag-field, but I have cried at the hands of so many imcompetent hairdressers since My favourite one retired, I would happily trade having My lashes properly dyed to for some good lashings on your part.

Oh, wait, that would be a win-win situation for Me. Mmm, nothing wrong with that.


Oh my god, that sounds amazing.

A guy who can actually give a great, deep, massage is a treasure to find. I am a CMT myself and I have limp wristed, light massages. And thats what most guys give. Most guys are afraid they’ll hurt us women (Oh come on now!).

And massage from subs has always been one of my most favorite forms of service. I actually really like it when there is sexual tension without release or actual sex involved. The tease and denial aspect (to myself too) is appealing.

So hey, you can massage me anytime brother. 🙂


This is such a sweet post. I really admire your service kink . . . I can’t figure out if I have one, but I kind of hope I do, just because it sounds so lovely. I am especially glad that you get that sort of warm, intimate, trusting BDSM-glow thingy from giving them . . . that’s the good stuff.

Oh, and if you want to add to your spa treatments–something with hair. Wash it, do some deep-conditioning thingy. Combine with head massage. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Massages are one of my favorite types of service to receive- they always have been.
Of course, this is partly because I have a really bad back (it’s currently attempting to spasm despite muscle relaxers and massages both last night and Tuesday) and a bad hip, and massages help.
Plus, I love the sensual nature of it, the pampering. I love the feeling of hands on my skin. Yes, I’m a sensualist, and I haven’t met a man yet who can give someone he’s attracted to a massage without getting a little turned on.

I also heartily concur with the idea of learning massage, mani/pedicures, and I’d add facials to the list 🙂

Throw in some paraffin treatments, and eyebrow threading, and I’d give my my salon for you too!

Say, axe, you are on to something here.

I’d go double on the [gentle] head massage idea. Just having my hair gently brushed and fondled is good for me; but you’d probably need to throw in a wash and dry with the experience if you have paying customers.

Other ideas: Reflexology = fun with feet! Reiki healing? Acupressure. Applying nail varnish.

Of course, massage can lead to ‘massage’ with the agreement of the lady on the receiving end :-). It’s a fairly common fantasy to have the massage tipping over into the lady being on the receiving end of at least one orgasm. The thought of the fella being ‘overcome’ with desire and ending up [consensually, of course] with his face in between her legs and giving her maybe several somethings to smile about later… Well, that fantasy works for me, big time :-).

getting (and giving) massages is one of my all-time favorite things. unfortunately, it is shockingly hard to find people who know what they are doing.

I hereby very generously volunteer my back to be massaged. Hard. Anytime you like.

Well, if we’re ever in the same city at the same time, a straight massage would be wonderful.

I’ll third scalp massage– exquisite and not difficult to learn. Also, what about facials (did anyone mention)? I’d love for a sub who could do even a very basic facial. Also, axe, until you learn to do a proper pedi you can do simple foot washing. It’s still very spa-esque.

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