50% Of Submissive Men Are Assfaces

I’m on some pretty powerful pain pills right now so forgive me if I blabber on and on more than normal.

So yeah, 50% of submissive men are assfaces. I may be aiming a bit low on this one.

I’ve been hearing a lot of stories lately about how submissive men won’t show up when they have the opportunity to meet a woman.

While having coffee with a Femdom couple over the weekend, one told me that she can guarantee that over half of all potential submissive men won’t even show up for an initial meeting.

Could it be that most of these guys looking to meet someone aren’t actually looking to meet someone?

Another example came from a woman I know who had been in contact with a submissive for months, they spoke on the phone and he constantly stated his interest in her, how deeply he wanted to be her slave and how devoted he was to her (before even meeting her, that made her a bit suspicious of course) and every time she mentioned meeting he’d start sounding vague. Back and forth this would go.

There have been times when I’ve talked to someone on the phone after a few emails then lost interest after a conversation. That’s sort of the point of a phone conversation. But standing someone up or constantly leading them on?

I can only imagine a few reasons why a guy would do this.

-I get the feeling that most like the idea of it, they like to think about it but when it comes down to actually having an experience, they soil their pants and run the other way.

-They’re married or otherwise involved.

-They may be looking for any kind of sex as long as it’s sex, they’re not really submissive they’re just horny and when it’s time to put up or shut up, they shut up.

-They’re ashamed of who they are. I know many submissive men who daydream about BDSM but when they’re faced with something real, they’re filled with shame or guilt.

-They get off on the chase. For them it’s knowing that they could if they wanted to. This isn’t isolated among submissive men, I know women who chase men only to lose interest once they know they can easily get what they want.

-They’re just plain assfaces.


Dude….I love this post and I love you for posting it.

Except I would change the figure….to like 99.9%.

And you are NOT in that figure.

You are also spot on with the multiple reasons why they don’t show. I like to just boil it down to they’re just pussies. And I like to tell them so to challenge their manhood. But that just me…I like challenging men anyhow.


Submissive women do this, too. My ex and I were searching for a woman to play with, and we ran into the same thing, time and time again.
I tend to think that they like the concept, but aren’t brave enough to face the reality of meeting.

I was stood up so many times over the years. I finally made a policy that I would not waste my time with any online conversations. I tell them if they want to meet me, that they should come to TES or Pleasure Salon or wherever I may happen to be anyway.

Huh. I usually don’t even make it to the getting stood up part of the asshattery. Usually, they turn out to even suck on the internet…and when you suck on the internet, you pretty much suck.

50% not showing up for a first date is bad, but the really frustrating part comes after, of those first dates only a few remain interesting for a second date, and an even bigger percentage does not show for that all important second date!

Bleh. Try getting subs to show up for screening to be in videos: they’re just about guaranteed free play (and a free video of it!), but most of ’em can’t manage to show up, after volunteering!

I mean… I don’t know what else to offer. It’s a sweet deal!

Yep, I have to say that I agree. I have completely lost patience with this fellow, the one that I wrote to you about, because he doesn’t follow through, show up, even for instant messaging times. I’m done. I tried my best for a long, long time and he is obviously screwed up somewhere in that mind of his.
It’s ok. Someone else will come along, and I’ll be happy again.

I don’t think it applies just to sub men. For 99% of people on line, BDSM is just a pure fantasy. They chat with you on line for hours, a few will exchange photos, maybe you get an anonymous phone call, but they never meet. Reason, its just playing a fantasy for them. Its like all the chatrooms, where every woman’s pic. is some goddess, they are really either 300 pound 45 year old women or a guy. The anonymity of the internet allows the fantasy to flourish.

Your number is not high enough. I’d say almost 99% of the guys who contact me fail to follow through. And your reasons in the post pretty much cover most of the reasons why. I think that many of them use it as a source of free wank material. They get off and then forget it until they are horny again. I also think that many have sub tendencies but psych themselves out, making it such a big deal, they can’t follow through.

So yea, I’d have to go with an alternate point of view and say that the most of the male submissives who are actually SUCCESSFUL at scheduling that first meeting are the ones who are standing you up. We all know, we want what is not attainable most. This is just an example of that. No doubt you could get a chubby college boy to show up at Starbuck’s or whatever, but that sculpted business exec? Good luck.