Treated Like An Animal

I’ve had three people ask me what I’m into over the past week.

There’s never a good answer to this one since it all depends on who I’m with, what the energy is and what she’s into.

While I love bondage, I also adore letting the woman relax and enjoy herself while I do all the work of kissing and tasting every inch of her body.

What’s more important is what she is into. If I check out the profile of a woman on Fetlife and read her list of kinks, chances are I’m into most of them.

Then someone asked me what I’ve been fantasizing about lately. That’s a different question.

It depends on my mood of but lately I’ve thought a lot about one thing in particular. I’ve been thinking about being used.

Being tied up and objectified, tortured, teased, abused, fucked and everything else you can imagine.

To be treated like an animal and I don’t mean puppy or pony play.

I’ve been fantasizing about being tied or chained standing up, whipped, punched, clamped, gagged, bent over and fucked. Torn to shreds until I’m on my knees and then finally allowed to taste her. Maybe being teased the entire time until I’m allowed to fuck her or get fucked by her until she’s satisfied and we’re both drained.

I have so much pent up sexual and non-sexual energy, I just need a release. I need to be pushed..far and hard.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.



You might want to offer your readers complimentary cigarettes if you’re going to write these sorts of posts. 😉

I found your site today from a link at Yes, I’m a submissive man! I love the way you write. So much passion and raw emotion. I started reading today at work and read for hours. You have me seriously hooked. I’m so glad I didn’t see this post until I got home. I was already on overload all day. This would have definitely sent me careening deliciously over the edge. Hot. I have you bookmarked now. Thanks so much for sharing. Seriously.

oooh wow.

Your submissive and psychic!

mmmm i can totally relate.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. I know what you mean…

well damn it.. now you’ve got me thinking about how much fun it would be to pack up and schedule in a trip to NY.

Tied up: Check
Tortured: Check
Teased: eeeehhhh – can we go back to torture? It can be pretty teasing…
Whipped: Check
Fucked: Check
Abused: Check
Humiliated: Mmmm – not so good at yelling demeaning things. Can I just make you cry? Or at least laugh at yourself?
Kneeling: Check
Pleasing: Check

*puts list in pockets and checks tickets*

I knew there was a downside…

You wrote: “I’ve had three people ask me what I’m into over the past week. There’s never a good answer to this one since it all depends on who I’m with…”

Wait a sec… why is a substantial answer somehow inherently “not a good” answer to you? Your answer may not be a simple one, but you aren’t a simple fellow.

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