The Bad Kind Of Pain

I really messed up my back.

Shit I’m 33 and I feel 66.

I have no clue what I did to it.

I was crouched down, cleaning stuff out of the fridge (yeah, sexy right?) stood up and BLAMO! I couldn’t even walk.

The next morning I called in sick to work, my roommate helped me put my pants, socks and shoes on (ok maybe i’m 96 years old) and headed to the Doc.

It’s an odd kind of pain. It hurts so much that it’s funny. I actually laugh sometimes after falling to my knees in pain, maybe because it seems so silly to me.

So now, I’m just taking it easy. Wishing she would call and invite me out to dinner or something. I’ll probably end up just relaxing though. Taking it easy.

Tomorrow I’ll performing service for Viviane at one of her great gatherings. Serving tea, cleaning up garbage, making sure there’s plenty of food out on the table.

Maybe everyone will assume I’m limping because I just had some really intense play.

Then again, I may be limping because of the really intense painkillers I’m on.


ah sweetie, I’m 23 and I’ve had those sorts of back problems. Get a moist heating pad (they sell ’em at the drugstore) you can heat them up in the microwave, and they’re really good.

Also, I highly recommend chiropractic treatment if your insurance covers it. Even if they don’t, you can often work out a decent price. Its a Good Thing.

i highly suggest seeing a Massage Therapist, they can do wonders for you. Hope you feel better soon


oh no!

you should def get a heating pad. and if you smoke pot (i can’t remember if you do), it’s an easy and safe way to relax the muscles. when i had a really bad back a few years ago, even vicodin didn’t work, but weed did.

Hope you’re back is getting better.

Wendy and essence- thanks, yes if it doesn’t get better soon, I’ll probably do both.

Downtown- Hmmm maybe I could get medical marijuana.

Ace- Thanks, it does seem to get better every day.

When ever I stub my toe there are a few seconds when masochism seems utterly insane.

Best of luck with your back. Having experienced that I know how disabling it can be.