Submissive Triggers

I’ve recently heard the phrase “submissive triggers”.

They were explained to me as things that put someone in a more submissive mindset.

For me, breathing puts me into a more submissive mindset.

Ok there are a few triggers I’ve learned recently.

-Being called “boy” for example. That’s a new one I’ve recently discovered.

-Pinching a nipple or a gentle grab of my ass.

-Sometimes saying the word “now” will do it.

-An evil smile.

-One woman only needs to look at me in a certain way and I get all nervous and jumpy. Of course she can send me a simple text message asking about my day and I’ll feel submissive….still…it works.

Maybe it has little to do with the action but more to do with who’s doing it.

This makes me think of conditioning. I’ve been reading more about training a submissive to react a certain way to certain stimuli.

Hypnosis is yet another curiosity I’ve added to my ever-growing list of things to try.

Orgasms on command? I have heard of this in women, but men? I’m very skeptical.

I’m not talking about someone ordering a submissive to cum after long periods of being turned on. I’m talking about going from 0 – 60 with one word. I’ve read about it done with submissive women, but submissive men?

I have yet to find any evidence.


I know a domme who once told me about a male slave she had who she claimed could orgasm on command with no genital stimulation. She talked about giving him lengthy whippings and then telling him to cum, which he would do instantly.

Somehow, I don’t really believe her.

I’ve had several men have spontaneous orgasms while we played (meaning, no genital stimulation), but never “on command”.

I love finding triggers… and creating new ones! Hypnosis seems to keep coming up lately. I’ll admit I’m curious too. As for the orgasm on command, I feel about it the same way I do about aliens. I believe in the possibility but I’d have to see it.

It’s often considered to be hyperbole in women as well. There are stages of arousal that have to happen before orgasm and they’re not instantaneous. Although you can certainly condition a reaction, is it really an orgasm? And, with no obvious way to verify, how much of the ‘training’ is female submissives coddling egotistical male dominants? Trained to orgasm on command once aroused is… substantially more believable than starting from zero.

As for submissive triggers… for me, personally, the two big ones are hair pulling (although it has to be done in the right way – the hand fisting in the hair to take control way) and face slapping, although it has to be with the right person. There are some people who could pull every trigger in the universe and still not make me go into submissive headspace. ๐Ÿ™‚

He either has to already be in subspace or I have to count backwards from ten. If he’s already in a nice space, then all I have to do is give the trigger word.

If I just order him randomly in the middle of the grocery store, I’d better have a wicked fierce look in my eyes with some killer eye contact going on. ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t have personal experience bringing men to orgasm with hypnosis. Hearsay says yes, it’s entirely possible, but as it seems to involve a warm up/arousal period via either suggestion or visualization, I’m not sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. If you feel like paying the money, you could try downloading this recording:
Soforia sadly passed away some time ago, but it looks like her website is still selling recordings, and she had a high reputation among people interested in such things. Through conditioning I’d imagine you could get the response time down quite a lot, anyone have any figures on exactly what the physical limits are in terms of quickly achieving erection and orgasm?

I do have experience bringing women to orgasm through hypnosis. Rona’s above comment is above reproach: nevertheless, you can bring someone through those stages of arousal via suggestion, and thus create a real orgasm using only words, though of course not instantly. Admittedly I haven’t done a properly controlled study and ruled out possible effects of friction with clothing etc., which I believe is also considered a possible confounding factor with orgasms from wet dreams. So let’s just say for now that you can create an orgasm with hypnosis in the same sense that a wet dream creates an orgasm. I’ve done the instant trigger thing too, and as Rona mentioned, something certainly happens, but it doesn’t seem to be a full/real orgasm, and doesn’t get the more gratifying response of a more gradual approach.

The smile or any visible sign of desire is always a trigger for me.

Lady Julia has some free hypnotic MP3s on her blog and in her Yahoo Group:

I have always responded to high heeled shoes and boots – especially when paired with long skirts that emphasize a woman’s hips. Being called ‘slut’ also is one of those triggers – it just cuts to the point with me.


Lady Julia’s stuff is good too. And free, like Richard said. If you do want to go down that road, it would probably be a good idea to get some practice at going into hypnosis (which is perhaps best thought of as a learnable skill) before shelling out any cash for something that has the specific suggestions like the one I linked. Though now that I think on it, an mp3 induction with suggestions to come on command recorded by a now dead woman may be a bit impersonal for you. Sorry, I know some men in the New York area who play with this sort of thing from the hypnotist side, but don’t know any women to recommend to you.

That’s interesting. I have someone that wants to be submissive to me. I think I can do it.

I’m curious why you think it would work for women, but are dubious about it working for men.

Sue- I know of two women who swear it’s happened to them.

I’m just sayin’

i am a male and have been hypnotized to come on command. The hypnotist put me under, made me fantasize about a situation that turned me on, and suggested that i could only come with permission. When i got to that point, i asked, well, begged for permission and came on command in trance multiple times. i don’t think it happened physically, but it felt completely real at the time. i’m not sure that it’s possible for me to physically cum while in trance. In fact, perhaps because of so many hypnotists telling subjects to be “loose and limp” in trance, i don’t think i’ve ever had even an erection in trance.

For hypnotic skill and for depth of trance, i cannot recommend Soforia’s tapes highly enough. Her voice and her subtle way of using it are without peer.


I too am skeptical about the women who say they can orgasm on command, mostly because not one of them has been able to describe how they were trained. Also, how do you prove it? With men, the evidence is there in front of you, if you see what I mean. :p And if it were really done with women, why not also with men? That makes no sense to me.
Having said that, I am a certified and licenced NLP practitioner, and I see no reason at all why hypnotic suggestion cannot usefully be employed to easily train a man or woman to orgasm on command. And because of establishing informed consent, they’d have to know how it was done. My biggest reason for skepticism about orgasm on command is the inability of the people to even give me a hint of how it was done. To me, that either means that they weren’t consenting with full information, or it wasn’t done at all, or they’re withholding information for some reason.
You know when you smell a certain smell, that can sometimes intensely bring you right back to a significant moment when you smelt it. That’s a trigger (also called an anchor). You’ve already described experiences you have of those intense responses in an erotic context too. So why not also with arousal to the point of orgasm?
Now, I haven’t yet embarked on this with my partner because he feels unsure about it, so I cannot confirm categorically that I have done it and it works. But with the knowledge I have now, and my experience of the other triggers I’ve established with my partner, I think it would take a maximum of three sessions to get the job done, and possibly only one if I do it just right.
I’ll have to get back to you on that one, once I do it.
For the record, it is most definitely possible to have an erection and orgasm in trance. Just saying. Ooooh, this is a hot topic! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi – I would like to say thanks for an interesting post about a subject I have had an interest in for a while now. I have been looking in and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more proactive part in the discussions here, whilst picking up some knowledge too!!

As a submissive women, having a dominant partner tell me to come for him works every time. It helps if there is some stimulation but honestly it doesn’t need to be much. There is no need for “conditioning” or hypnotism or anything else. Just chemistry and the exchange of power between us. It’s fun, easy and gratifying.

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