Originally I was going to be out of town during TES Fest. My Euro-Kink-Tour-Sextravaganza was going to kick off that same weekend.

Plans change.

I’ve had to push the trip back a few weeks and so now I can go to TES Fest after all.

I was debating if I should go or not. On one hand I know I’ll have lots of friends there, on the other hand sometimes watching people play while I fake a smile on my face is a bit uncomfortable.

One of my best friends who I usually go to events like this is still not sure if she can go. Then another good friend emailed me asking if I wanted to split a room. I knew if she was going I’d be guaranteed to have a good time. Fingers crossed my other good friend will be able to go too.

And so….I’m going.

Looking over the class schedule I see that there are some classes that really interest me on a perv level but know seeing them would make me want it even more. It will depend on my mood. Sometimes I’ll be at a presentation and wish I had a girlfriend sitting next to me whispering how she can’t wait to try it on me when we get home.

Here a few classes that make me squirm:

House of Bondage
Metal Bondage
Suspension for Everyone
Using Long whips in SM play
Core Protocol Construction
Evolution of Service
Whole Body SM

Crap I could go on and on. Classes on CBT, anal play, even oral worship.

If you’re going, hopefully our paths will cross. It sounds like it’ll be a fun weekend!


Okay, I’ll admit it. I miss not having any big-time events that aren’t $160 AUD parties. Fuck parties. I can play at home whenever I want. I want kink conferences!

Sounds like fun, if bit far from me. I actually have yet to attend any public event. Hmm still maybe if you are genuinely having fun the desperate will evaporate and you’ll get lucky 😉

You’re going?!?!

Well, if you’re going, then I should go, too. As long as you promise to be my “go to” if I need a practice partner.

Yay! I’m going too – I’ll be there Friday night through Sunday morning. I very much want to have coffee or something at the very least.