TESFest. Do I Pack Condoms?

Originally I was going to be in Europe for my Euro-Kink-Tour-Sextravaganza but that’s been pushed off to early next month. Good news is that I get to spend time with friends at TesFest. It’s basically and entire hotel filled with only kinky people.

I’m looking forward to it. I’m sharing a room with two other friends. Two attractive women and myself. Jealous???? They’re in beds and I’m on the floor.

I’ve gone to Black Rose, Floating World, MAST and a few other similar events and if TESFest is anything like those I know not to go with any expectations other than having a good time socializing and making new friends. That’s not a bad thing of course, but I have a totally different set of expectations. I was talking to one female buddy who has a different set of expectations:

Friend: “I can’t wait! I’m going to have so much sex with so many cool people! I already have 5 play dates setup.”

Me: “Good for you!”

Friend: “How many play dates do you have set up?”



It feels weird to look at the community area and see that they have a special section just for making play dates. Play dates (one assumes) are basically hookups. People will post what kinky things they’re into and hope that someone will respond with interest . It’s really very… interesting.

Everyone I talk to keeps talking about how huge and elaborate the dungeon will be. I’m sure it will be very cool. I’m just happy that the hotel has a bar.

Do I pack condoms? Packing condoms would basically be an admission that I’m not only hoping to have sex but planning on having sex. Bringing condoms means your planning to have sex. If I bring condoms and don’t have sex then the condoms will be a reminder of the fact that I didn’t have sex yet I was planning on it. It’s a failed plan. However, if I don’t bring condoms and don’t have sex I can always say “oh well, it’s no biggie, I didn’t bring condoms anyway”.

It’s like when I was 16 and carried the same condom in my wallet for over a year. Eventually it made a permanent ring in the leather of my wallet and it eventually became a constant reminder of my not being able to find someone up for using it with me. I ended up throwing the wallet and the unused condom away out of frustration.

I’m debating on the condoms. Either way TESFest should be a good time.

After all, they have beer! Fingers crossed that they have Brooklyn Lager on tap.


Bring the condoms.

Have fun and be safe!


Bring condoms. Worse than having brought condoms and not having sex is the opportunity to have sex and not have a condom at hand. 😛

Btw, everybody carries an unused condom in their wallet in their teenage years. It’s just the cool thing to do. I was still carrying it around even after I had had sex.

check the expiration date and then pack the condoms 😛

Bring condoms, and try to think of them as a “just in case” item. I carry band-aids in my purse at all times, not because I’m hoping or expecting that I’ll hurt myself, but because I’d rather have them and not use them than use them and not have them. Neither bandaids nor condoms take up much space.

Bring the condoms. And have fun!

Hey, I don’t have any play dates either! I always pack condoms. I also always pack booze. That I know I will use.

Bring the condoms, just in case. You’re overthinking it, I promise. Better to be safe than get surprise-HIV!! (Or surprise babies!)

I always carry condoms. They’re handy things to have around. Bring them – if you don’t, you might miss out on sex, while if you do, the worst that happens is they sit in your bag all weekend.

Although for goodnesssakes, don’t carry the things around for an entire year. I would never trust a condom that’d been in a wallet that long. They break far too easily, both from time and the storage medium.

And yes, I am speaking from personal experience.

You should never have sex outside of marriage…

Pack condoms. And lube, too. Ya never know. You should be prepared for anything.

Why is this a question. Pack condoms. I can’t imagine going to a sex party without them, like, what the heck? Even if you have not a single play date, how pissed would you be if you found someone perfect and didn’t have a condom? Jeez.

Also, packing them DOES assume you’ll have sex. I assume you’d have sex – sex is fun, why WOULDN’T you have sex?

Duh! Bring condoms. Always bring condoms. I brought a box of 24 to camp. I had penis in vagina sex once. With a camp condom.

But yeah, ditto to everyone. Condoms are always always always good to have. Hell, I bring vibrators, lube and condoms on dates where I don’t even know if I’m gonna fuck the guy. Why not? Then I have ’em if I need ’em.

This is why I carry a big purse on dates.

Bring condoms. As the boy scouts say, “Be prepared!”


Bringing condoms is not a sign of desperation.
It simply shows intelligence.
I am joining the choir on this one.
Bring them!

I’m gonna echo everyone else, bring the condoms. I have condoms and lube with me at almost every moment of every day. Only time I don’t is if I don’t carry my purse or bag, and that generally means I am just running to the store and back.

You dont seem very proactive to me if you have to ask. Take charge of your ,love/sex life dammit!

pack the condoms. they shouldn’t be a constant reminder of your lack of sex, they should be a constant reminder that you are a safe and conscientious lover.

don’t psyche yourself out.

Instead of echoing the rest of your commenters on your obvious question, I have one of my own: why don’t other scenarios (like, say, bars) have an area in which to schedule play dates? That would make everything a whole lot simpler.