Sade On The Masocast..Open For Questions

I’ll be interviewing Sade this weekend and I’m looking to you fine readers for questions. I have a bunch of my own but since I’m so close to the subject matter I find it’s helpful to get some questions from the outside.

So here’s your chance, anything your curious about?  Need any kink/ D/s advice or just curious about some aspects of her work or how the hell she puts up with me?sadesmile

A few things I plan on asking her about:

-The balancing act of a vanilla wedding for kinky people


-Our experiences with being a kinky couple on OkCupid

-How her education has shaped her kink

-Her thoughts on marriage.

-What gets her off

-Playing with women…ok maybe this question is more for me to listen to her talk about than the benefit of the listener.

Just leave a comment here or you can email me using the podcast contact form.


I’ve heard Sade say that she has trained you to come on her verbal command, possibly even without any additional stimulation. Please ask her to explain for us exactly what this training involves and requires and how long it took to get you to a point where it worked reliably. I assume it’s a form of operant conditioning. During the training, did she have to use any negative reinforcement?

And from your side, how does this effect you (aside from the obvious)? When you hear her command that you orgasm, what do you feel; what do you think? Does it drive you into instant subspace? When she gives you the command does it require you to focus sharply on making it happen? OTOH, when she gives you the command, are you able to prevent coming if you wanted to?

Has she ever used the command where there were others present? If so, what were your feelings? Simply grateful to be allowed to come? Humiliation at being so totally trained? Indifferent to what the others present thought because you were focused only on her command?

Your fascinated, kinky, D/s listeners need to know!


Always enjoy the podcast and will look forward to this one.

I’m curious about finding kinky people on OKCupid in general — not just couples. Do either of you think it’s a place to find interesting kinky individuals and, if so, is there some kind of secret code, for lack of a better term, that tips this interest?

I would also be curious to hear her opinion of how the pro scene is evolving or changing in NY.

Wow. It’s been 10 years since HMS appeared in the NY scene. What we her life plans then? (Before Rapture, and you!) And, considering the last 10 years, what are her plans now??

Ax, I have gotten great joy observing your change in status, from slave, to property, to boyfriend (That was a biggie!), to fiancé. And now so very soon, to husband, and partner for life. How has being in a relationship with you changed her life. Better. for sure! But, is their any downside to being in a relationship with you. And, what are her plans to improve you?


I’m a big fan of the masocast, of you, and of Mistress Sade. If it’s not too late, I have a couple of questions:

1. I would love to hear about how a relationship that started out as purely Domme/sub ended up with you becoming life partners. It sounds like a beautiful story. Is that a natural or common path? Do Dommes resent it when they suspect that subs are hanging around in the hope that that might happen? Should a sub who wants things to move in that direction just say so openly and let the Domme decide whether it’s an option? Or vice-versa?

2. The one time I briefly met Mistress Sade, I asked her about the “Feed Me 12 Grapes” video. It’s one of my very favorites, and she told me that you’re the sub in it. The way that beautiful and powerful woman enjoys, kisses, dominates and gives affection to that worshipful and appreciative man, all at the same time, is just incredible. I’d love to hear anything at all about that.

Thank you so much for all that you do!


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