Photo Shoot Ruined Orgasm

Whenever our friend Natasha asks Sade and I for a photo shoot I know to expect a few things:

1: Several people will be naked

2: Sade will certainly be one of them

3: It will be one of the rare moments I won’t be camera shy.

For some reason if someone it taking a photo of my face I get really uncomfortable but if I’m naked I’m totally fine with it, especially if Natasha is the photographer.

We’ve had someone videotape one of our sex romps before, at first we were a bit nervous but eventually managed to get lost in the moment. With Natasha it may be because we’re all such good friends or it may be because she’s seen us in a variety of sexual situations before. Either way it’s something I get excited about and days before hand I’ll try to casually ask Sade “Soooo have you and Natasha talked about the photo shoot yet? Any ideas on what you two have in mind?”

Due to our schedules and some minor illness we weren’t able to have sex for a few days before the shoot so I was especially horny for her by the time the camera came out.

I setup the bedroom, jumped in the shower and tried to think about something unsexy. I remember thinking it may be a bit awkward if I walk in with a full-on erection before things even get started.

This shoot was going to be using some fancy experimental film that would require a lot of stops, holding steady for 30 seconds then continuing. different from our usual shoots we do with Natasha where Sade and I just go nuts.

Straddle each other, play and when Natasha says “hold it” we freeze, she takes a few shots and then we continue.

She wanted some shots of Sade scratching up my back so Sade went to town ripping my back to shreds.


A few more poses and at one point they wanted a few shots of Wartenberg wheel running up the side of my cock, by this time I was dying until someone said.

“Hey how about a cum shot?”

I can’t remember if I said so but I wanted to exclaim what a wonderful idea that was.

Sade began stroking me to the edge while Natasha set up the camera for the shot and eventually told me to get ready, I knew she’d be giving the order to orgasm soon.

After a while Tasha told Sade she was ready, Sade gave the order and I started to go over the edge.

That’s when I forgot about what made this photo shoot different.


Again because of the experimental nature of the film, it required us to hold steady so as soon as I began to orgasm and Natasha gave the word Sade just stopped.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a ruined orgasm. For those of you unaware if stimulation stops at the brink of an orgasm, the orgasm still arrives but it’s just enough to barely be called an orgasm. It’s pure torture in the worst kind. I’m pretty sure every time Sade has given me a ruined orgasm she’s violating the Geneva Convention.

I’m pretty sure I swore out of frustration from feeling my balls implode instead of explode. While they got the money shot it almost left me in tears.

Tasha needed a break at this point to change the film or something and I jumped in the shower to clean up. My erection remained and when I got out it was time for some shots of Sade in a few positions that only made it harder on me.

Still I tried to remain professional. The shoot continued and at one point Natasha ran out of the experimental film and went digital .

We continued getting directions from Natasha and at one point I asked if I could come again…ok maybe I begged I don’t know. Either way Sade was kind enough to allow it and holy fuck it made up for the ruined one.

Sade makes this noise when I have an especially big orgasm. It’s a deep and sexy “Yeeeeahhhhh” and she was really cheering me on this time.

Afterwards I think I spent what felt like a day thanking her for allowing me to orgasm the second time.

The next day we had an email with a few of the shots Natahsa took.

Good christ I’m a lucky son of a bitch.


Axe, this is further proof of why you’re the sweetest guy on earth. The way you’re grateful for the second orgasm instead of taking it as making up for something that violates the Geneva Convention!

I was just thinking the other day about how you don’t brag about your submission the way so many male subs’ blogs do and you have a perfect right to. We only find out what a good boy you are from Sade’s blog or in passing.

    Really? Sweetest on earth? I don’t really read other blogs from sub men so I’m not sure what those are like.

      Well … it’s probably best not to point fingers. But you’re definitely the nicest in this respect whoever I’m comparing to. 🙂

This was so delectable to read – your frustration comes across so clearly, as does your later pleasure. Lovely!

xx Dee