Regarding The Debates

Here’s the thing,

Anyone who constantly tries to remind you that he’s your friend by saying “my friends” might be coving up for the fact that he really doesn’t give a shit about you.

Most of my friends would say it’s similar to a guy constantly talking about how big his cock is. Any guy with a big cock doesn’t need to tell you he has one.

Or so, I’m told. (Now regretting that “my cock is so big” speech I gave last week)

Watching this debate made me wish Obama was just a bit more of a jerk to McCain. I guess that’s why he’s in the lead for the biggest office in the land and I’m not.

McCain talking about “goodies” makes him sound like a pedophile or maybe just a really big douche.

I was awarded the best Twitter of the night with my: “McCain babysat for Teddy Roosevelt” line. I’ll take that to the grave.

I just erased a big rant about McCain, the surge and healthcare but I realized it wasn’t the best argument since it ended with me calling McCain a fucktard. If nothing else you should know that I’m much classier than those others who would call that fucktard McCain a fucktard. At least I’m not calling him a fucktard. See? I have self restraint. Not one mention of how much of a fucktard he is.

Oh, and one last thing.



@big cocks – Yes. If you have to brag about it yourself, there ain’t nothing. When you’ve got other people bragging about you, then you’re gravy.

McCain is so obviously emotionally manipulative. I keep expecting him to say, “Well, my mamma always used to say that war is like a box of chocolates…” to back up Palin’s “Let’s take the politics out of war.”

“that one” was just one of the many lines that irritated me. Since when has “that one” been a polite term? More like a term used in a derogatory sense towards someone you feel is unequal to you.

and I’ve never met a man with a big cock that has bragged about his big cock. Any man I’ve met that has bragged about his ‘big cock’ is average, at best.

You can call McCain a fucktard anytime you like. I’m in agreement.

Your comment about calling McCain a pedophile made me grin. That’s exactly what a coworker and I both said (at the same time) about our Prime Minister wearing all his cardigans. Is this the look this year in elections? Pedophile douchey-ness?

And a fucktard is a fucktard is a fucktard.

Wendy- Mmmm gravy.

Yin- Double grrrrr

Scorpio and Jen: Ok, he’s a fucktard.

I found myself saying, “You are NOT my friend,” every single time he said, “… my friends….”

It made me think of a rant my friend K was having a couple of weeks ago about how politicians use hypnotic techniques (in this case: repetition). I wonder how many people out there subconsciously ended up thinking, “John’s my friend!”

I’d like to think people are too clever to fall for that. But Bush was voted into office. Twice. So maybe not.