An email I just got from someone on collarme. I actually had my hopes up with her for a while there:

“This is probably going to add to your jadedness but I am actually doing you a kindness by letting you go before your expectations set in. Metaphorically speaking, the fact is that I am looking for an orange while you are an apple – nothing wrong with being one but it is just not what I am searching for (please believe me when I say that there was absolutely no solecism on your part and I hope you won’t waste time and effort in secondguessing yourself to figure out if there was something that you could have done differently – I think on some level you probably agree with me). So let us part amicably and goodluck with your own search.

It’s far too late to tell me not to waste my time and effort.

They always want the orange.


Not me…I always want the banana… 😛

Seriously, it’s her loss.

Why should you care what one chick on collarme says? If I had a dollar for every time some dude I kinda dug on collarme or okcupid or whatever site I’m using didn’t message me back or messaged me back with a polite ‘no thank you’ or a less polite ‘you fucking disgusting fat bitch’ or whatever, I’d be a rich girl.

And just as often, I don’t dig the guys who message me either. Its the internet. You can’t take it seriously.

Louie Monkey-Pest July 30, 2008 at 1:13 pm

Strange. I always sort of pictured you as a pear guy.

I don’t see the apple thing. At least she could have come up with a better metaphor. That’s on par with spare peg, round hole . . . maybe not even that good.

@Pagan She sure is handling the loss pretty well 🙂

@Wendy, We had been emailing for a while, kinda had my hopes up.

@Fragmente, Hope so!

@Louie: I’m more of a rasin at this point

@Sera yeah, I’ve emailed her to ask what an orange has that an apple doesn’t

If she can’t adjust to eat some other fruit once in a while, she’s either allergic and touching you would kill her, or she’s so inflexible in her diet she’s impossible to be around.

Now… axe… tell me something though… don’t you want the orange too? The beautiful, perfect, right age and right kink and right attitude orange?

Apple, pear, orange, bannana… we are all a bit fruity… I think I am a kiwi, round, fuzzy, sweet, juicey. Let’s just make a fruit salad and all get along.

im a pineapple

Can you kindly point me [and maybe other interested parties] to a link where you describe or detail what you do want? A dominant woman, I get. But how much? Are there limits? Are there things you can’t [it’s not physically possible] or won’t [a squick too far] do?

Hope you find HER, btw.