My Yoga Instructor Is A Dominant Woman

My yoga instructor is a dominant woman.

Well, at least I think she is. Ok, I just daydream she is.

No, not just because she’s attractive. It’s her tone, how she commands everyone taking her class. It’s confident without being overbearing.

It’s probably all in my head though. I’m associating and attractive commanding woman and the pain I sometimes fell in yoga with an attractive commanding woman and the pain I’d rather get.

Once, while I was in the downward dog position (note educational image) she came up behind me and place her hands on my hips to adjust me into the correct posture.


It took everything ounce of self control to not get turned on.

I haven’t gone to yoga class in months however. Saving up for the Euro-trip and maybe a hint of laziness has prevented me from going.

Does she see me in those positions and have dirty thought of me? Does she imagine that the only way I’ll really understand how to do the positions correctly is if she’s standing behind me with a cane or by tying me into position so I’ll have some kinda muscle memory?

It’s a nice thought.

It makes yoga classes interesting.

Someone once suggested I try going to naked yoga. Naked yoga? That has nothing but trouble written all over it. Either there will be a bunch of guys there only going because they’d hope to see naked women doing yoga (as I’d be doing), or I’ll be surrounded with beautiful naked women doing yoga and I’ll get kicked out for getting turned on within the first five minutes.

Ok, within the first minute.


i dated a yoga instructor once. he said he never mixed the two. i think a lot of these people are in their own little world when it comes to yoga. he claimed even if i ever came into one of his classes to learn, he still wouldnt mix the two. he taught one of those classes where its 100 degrees in the room so everybody was in bathing suits. i dont know, seemed weird to me.

Why don’t you just ask her out and find out for yourself? If you find her attractive and you like her commanding tone…you’re more than half way there. Once you get to know her, introduce her to what you enjoy sexually and chances are, she’ll be up for it.

Hey you,
You’ve had this blog for forever-and-a-day in Internet time, when are you going to update your “About Me” section to actually *say* you’re looking for a dominant woman to date?

My spin class instructor evokes the same feelings in me; I call it BDSM on a bike seat.

Have fun on your trip if we don’t speak.


Naked yoga? I used to go here in Sydney, it was an all-guy class, and all-gay as well (I’m gay too when it suits me). I’d always wanted to try yoga, but I needed an extra incentive, and for me the big pull with naked yoga was that I’ve always been very self-conscious and I figured that doing yoga naked in a room full of other naked people would help fix that. Which it did.

The great part was that once in a while (not every class) there’d be a new guy who’d get a hardon. We’d all pretend not to notice, and I don’t know about the other guys but I always got a bit smug and superior about it.

The other great part was that when you met someone, if you ran out of interesting things to say about yourself and you were desperate to impress you could always whip out the “I go to naked yoga” thing. Women, in particular, were always fascinated.