Not Even A Teardrop

June 10th has been a bad day for me for many many years.

It was the day I got married.   

Don’t get me wrong, the day of the marriage and the one year anniversary were great! But since she left me shortly after the first anniversary, it’s always been a hard day for me.   

Except this year.

Let me back up and give a little history.

My ex leaving me really messed me up. I was out of commission for almost two years. Just worked and worked and worked. No sex no dating no anything.

Then it got better and only really hurt on the anniversary. I’d need to take the day off of work three years in a row.

Then it got better and I could still go to work but I’d cry at the beginning or end of the day.

This year though, even though I dreaded it’s arrival. Nothing No tears.

In fact I cheered when I realized that I hadn’t even sniffled once over it.

Sure it still stings to think about it but it’s nothing like it was before. It’s more like a dull ache rather than a sharp pain.

Waiting up naked and cuddling helped I’m sure. But outside of that, it’s nice to know there’s measurable healing.

Maybe next year I won’t even think to write about it.

Emotional progress.

And it only took eight years.


call is progress, pop a cold beer and call it a night.

*big hug*

My lover’s ex left him and it devastated him for a number of years, affected his college education, and lots of other things. Time, however, has healed a lot of it. When they broke up, he made a mix tape. He had grown to love the Beatles in college and one of his favorite songs was “For No One”. I listened to the Beatles as I was growing up and I recognized the song, but I never really heard the lyrics. I never really put myself and my situation in them.

I remember sitting in his room as he played the song for me. He turned to me and said, “I love the song because it’s about how love really is.”

We listen to the last verse of the song. “I think more about what socks I should wear that day than about her. But there are times when I can hear her voice in my head and I realize that although I love you and am in love with you, there is a part of me that can’t forget her.”

Glad you are finding a place where this is easier to deal with. I agree, moving on is definitely easier when you’re naked and cuddling 🙂

Wow, that mirrors my own marriage and divorce story except mine was 9 years ago and June 28th :). Each year has been easier than the last. I’m glad you’re making progress too. Sorry I haven’t checked in for months, I’m on a new project and don’t get home much.