Looking Up At Her Looking Down On Me

I had just finished kissing her from her toes to the back of her neck. I was dizzy. My hands stroked her warm skin, my lips and tongue would get stuck on an area of her body then my eyes would see a spot I had missed and I’d jump to that spot as well.

I wanted to go longer but she turned around and flipped me on my back without saying a word and moved her body over my mouth. She exhaled deeply as my lips and tongue found the one spot I hadn’t kissed yet.

I moaned my gratitude.

Opening my eyes I saw her looking down at me. I wanted to touch her elsewhere as well but her legs were pinning my arms down. I couldn’t help but whimper or moan or….whatever it was I was doing. Had I been able to think I would have tried express how hot she looked with my eyes, or how addictive she tasted or how grateful and turned on I was.   

She smiled a little and our eyes met.

Days, weeks later I could easily get turned on by just thinking of any part of her body straddling me, but it’s that look in her eyes that make me whimper.

Even while writing this.


WOW! That was HOT. Have to be careful when I read your posts.

Ugh. That’s precious. So sexy, I’m jealous.

Sweet, sexy and simple. I like 🙂

I just love you boys.

I suspect she could see how turned on you were :-). Even if you were fully clothed, there’d be a tent happening!

Jeez, that was hot…

I want someone just like you someday =)

Mmmmmmm absolutely delicious.
You’re adorable 🙂

*ties running shoes*

Someone here needs to go run off some frustrations.