How To Find New York’s Sexy Underbelly

Forgive me, there’s no point to this post, just thinking.

I read websites like Debauchette, Sexegesis, A Bad Man, Jefferson, Dominatrix Next Door, and countless others based in New York.

I wonder how it’s possible that I live in the same city they do.

Sex parties? Are you shitting me? Really? In the same time-zone as me?

Reading these blogs it seems that finding wild crazy sex just falls into the laps (literally) of some people in the city.

It’s not just the bloggers of course. I have a number of friends who would probably blog but they don’t have time to since they’re too busy having wild amazing sex.

Maybe the problem is that I’m trying too hard?

Many continue to try craigslist. I’ve gone to but maybe I need to try

Nope. Nothing there.

It’s not jealousy really, it’s more “hey guys can I come too?”

Ok wait. I have been to one sex party.

That’s a story for later in the week though.


As a point – you were invited to another [play party], and you turned it down, hon.

Aw hey no fair! What’s a boy to do when he has plans with someone who is uncomfortable going to play parties the same night he gets an invite to one?

Convey your sincerest regrests and ask for the date of the next?

Chuckle I have the same problems 😉

Ha. Axe, happy to talk to you about this in person some time if you’d like. However, I’ve never been to (and don’t plan on going to) a(ny) play part(y/ies).

I can tell you how I did it. Lots of struggle, practice, dating, mistakes, and fun along the way. That’s why there’s more than 5 years of archives there.

I’ll tell you about it in person next time I see you, or over a beer sometime. See also “Bad Man’s Five Dollar Dating Guide” which I posted today (and I usually loathe posting a “hey look at my post” things, but it just seems apropos.)

just ask them…real nicely.