Could I Skull-Fuck?

One of Sade’s fantasies is for me to..well..not co-top with her as much as be an extension of herself when topping. Ok maybe that’s co-topping.

We have had some experiences together with a 3rd person in the mix with us. Some things came very naturally, like when I was sucking on sub-girl’s nipples while she was tied to our bed and Sade jumped on the other nipple and our eyes met. I parted my lips just a bit so Sade could see what I was doing with my tongue and my teeth. I saw a wicked smile flash in her eyes as she matched what I was doing. We were a team making this girl squirm and moan together. It was hot! I remember thinking at that moment “Are we co-toppping right now”? Ok I was thinking other things but I remember thinking it after.

It was fun and it was hot. I knew what she wanted to do and I was an extension of her overall play-plan. Sade had me do other hot things to her as well but the nipple thing, that was me. I actually initiated it. I had surprised myself. Most of the time I was co-subbing (also hot) but for a moment I think….maybe…I was co-topping…a bit.

There have been other instances with the sub-girl but I’m still working on those posts.

Somehow we got on the subject of skull-fucking…as it happens..and Sade mentioned that she didn’t think I could do it. I’ll admit I was slightly insulted, as though my masculinity was being called into question.

My initial thought was to say “Oh yeah? Call the sub-girl, have her come over and I’ll throw my cock down her throat right now.”

Before I said it I realized we may have different ideas on what skull-fucking actually is.

The internet seems to define it thusly:

skull-fuck (third-person singular simple present skull-fucks, present participle skull-fucking, simple past and past participle skull-fucked)
1: to actively penetrate someone’s mouth; to have vigorous oral sex
2: to penetrate someone’s eye socket

Now I’m 99% sure Sade was talking about the first entry there….ok 90% sure.

Still, I know Sade , I thought for a second and said “Wait, do you mean making someone gag and throw up because I’m doing it so hard?”

She confirmed it.

“Yeah I don’t think I could make someone throw up because of it. That might be a bit much.”

And that’s when she said the quote of the night: “At least I don’t need to worry about you getting all worked up and skull-fucking me.”

So all day today I’ve been wondering about it. Could I do if she had me horny enough? Or in deep enough sub-space after beating me so my mind was numb? Would hurting someone that much be an erection-killer for me?

As usual when I find a fantasy of Sade’s that may be a little more on the challenging side, I’ve been obsessing about it a little. I really want to be able to help make her desires come true.


The two of you on one girl? I’m adding that to the top of my masturbation material.

Please post more soon

Thank you for that now My sub boy listens to My every thought and it seems he is taking every fantasy down on mental index cards and obssesing about every one. Its great! Thanks for giving them and Me tips