Couldn’t Hold Off

I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m such a heavy sleeper. Quite often Sade will fuck me (ride me) in my sleep and I’ll barley be awake enough to remember it.

Apparently my body is awake enough to react to her though. I’ll thrust up to match her rhythm until she gets off but other than that I’m usually too out of it to do anything else. I will remember small bits like aching for more when she pulls herself off of me and lays back down to fall into a post-orgasmic sleep but I’m usually not awake enough to do anything about it. Now and then I’ll wake up enough to extend things and with any luck she’ll let me come but for the most part I sleep through the whole thing.

I don’t know how often she does it but I’m guessing at least a few times per month.

Just a couple of nights ago she did it yet again but I didn’t realize it until much later. I woke up with a normal case of morning wood, at least I thought it was until it refused to go down. I took a colder shower than normal and that seemed to help but walking to work a few minutes later I found myself getting hard again and I wasn’t even thinking about anything sexual at the time.

I have an hour-long commute every morning. As usual I was spending the time working on the podcast but I kept getting distracted by how turned on I kept getting. That’s when the memory of the previous night came flooding back to me as it usually does. I’ll vaguely remember her going down on me for a few moments before sliding onto me, sometimes she’s got her hands on my chest, my stomach or as in last night, on a pillow over my head as I matched her thrusts in my semiconscious state.

All fucking day I was hard and when I got home she was off teaching a class for some newbie kinky couple and for one reason or another we were unable to fuck last night so when I woke up this morning with morning wood times a trillion while spooning with her I couldn’t help but try and initiate but unfortunately she had temporarily injured her back and wasn’t up for one of our Friday-Morning-Fucks.


So I was desperate and whispered in her ear something I’ve never asked her before:

“May I jerk off right now? Here or in the shower?”

She nodded yes but I realized she may just be dreaming and saying yes to whatever I was saying. I wanted to make sure she was actually letting me. I wanted to know she was consciously allowing me. At the same time I didn’t want to grab her by the shoulders and say “please please may I jerk off!”

I leaned in again and whispered “Are you sure? I can jerk off?”

She moaned again, smiled and said “yes”.

I kissed her and jumped in the shower and fifteen minutes later I was much more relaxed than when I walked in.

There was one catch, I wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t dreaming when I asked her.

Fast forward to a few moments ago when I brought up the subject, told her what happened and she started laughing. It turns out she had no memory of me asking her to jerk off. Of course I immediately started to feel guilty as though I tricked the system or something but she assured me that, if nothing else, at least her subconscious wanted me to jerk off.


One Comment

Subconscious approval for the win!

A question for you both, though. When it comes to sleep fucking, was it something the two of you discussed beforehand, or did your relationship simply evolve that way? It’s something I’m quite interested in, and have had quite a few conversations with m’Lady about – it’s something zie seems reluctant to do without explicit consent from me beforehand, which is why I ask.

xx Dee