Upsetting Craigslist Post Of The Week

I really don’t think I need to go on and on about this one, it’s pretty obvious:
“I’m not into BDSM, just looking for a wealthy submissive male to provide a luxurious lifestyle, LTR or marriage. I like ambitious and successful and tall men (30-40ish). Respond with info and description and photo of yourself.

Be real and serious.”


I think the first line says it all: not into BDSM.

‘Cuz that ain’t BDSM; I’m pretty sure it’s gold-digging.

Be real and serious.

You know, I don’t even mind gold digging, when its honest. “I will sleep with you, if you buy me things” thats a fair transaction.

But throwing the kink aspect on it is dumb.

Stupid bitch.

I think she gets to ask for whatever she wants. I don’t see anything illegal about it, certainly. Of course nobody is obliged to give her what she wants simply because she’s asking for it! And it’s true that ads like that might cause unpleasantness in the social space, and I’ve no problem with your finding it upsetting. Still, I don’t find it illicit for her to ask.

Also, since she’s saying she’s not into BDSM, maybe she’s using “submissive” as a ‘normal’ adjective, not a special role identity. She wants a deferential sort of man, and it makes sense that she would mention that, since money-inequality relationships sometimes can confer authority on the person with more money. And she specified that she’s “not into BDSM,” which might be a disambiguation for her use of “submissive.”

I just wrote about placing ads and the outcome of some ads.

BTW this was funny! What might be even funnier is that I bet she did a response.

Wanted you naive woman who does not know anything about bdsm. I am willing to let my vast fortune be hers. Use of the jet and home in italy. I am willing to retire from my international modeling career to be her servant. Apply to M Mouse 1234 fantasyland way Magic Moutain North Pole

PS please be real

yeah, i wouldn’t get too upset about this. she is not dominant. just a gold-digger with no clue.

You’re right of course. At least she’s honest about what she’s looking for. Still, I wonder if there’s a desperate guy out there that’s willing to take her up on her offer because he can’t find anything else.

i don’t understand why people feel the need to catagorize relationships. Each couple is unique and should only be concerned with what fits their needs. I myself don’t think Dom/sub needs to be connected with BDSM. It is a part of my lifestyle but I know of a few submissive personalities coupled with Dominate partners living a vanilla lifestyle and are very happy. To each his own people

I guess you never saw the “Craig’s list meets Wall Street” that made the rounds last year.

Anytime I see gold digging, all I have to do is think of this exchange and I’ll smile.