Thanks, I needed that.

Thanks, I needed that

My schedule lately:
6:30am Shower, answer morning emails, pack my lunch whisper in Sade’s ear and then head off to work.
7:30am While in transit I answer more emails, do some work while editing the latest episode of the Masocast.
8:30am Get to work, grab a coffee, catch up on my dayjob emails work and work some more.
9:30am Log into our home Mac that I’ve connected to our home stereo system, turn on the speakers connected to the bedroom and play a wake-up song for Sade
Noon Break out my lunch and socialize with coworkers when I can, most of the time I’m working on one of my freelance projects over my lunch hour.
2:00 Work while taking a few breaks to text with Sade, daydream of dirty things and go back to work5:00pm Head home, work on freelance projects while in transit while editing the next episode of the podcast.
6:00pm Arrive at home and hug….a long lonnng hug.
7:00pm Work on one of my freelance projects until I go to bed at 1am.9:00pm Cook if it’s my turn.  Chill for a few minutes before heading back to work
9:30pm:Work until I go to bed at 1am (2am if I’m especially busy and Sade allows me to).Bedtime: Wash the dishes, bring Sade a glass of water, brush my teeth, workout if I have the energy and crash.
6:30am Repeat

This schedule has really run me down.  This last week I almost snapped and went insane around 10pm on Wednesday.  My nerves were shot.  I’d been running too hard too long with almost no breaks for anything.   She could tell I was fried.

Sade looked at me and said “You’re going to get a beating tonight.”

I panicked and asked what I did wrong.”Nothing” she smiled “you just need it”.

She was right.



Ah, the joys of a partner who loves you enough to beat the snot out of you, and who knows you well enough to tell you it’s what you need.

BDSM isn’t Therapy, but damn it’s therapeutic!

Does she choose the wake-up songs or do you? Just curious. 🙂