LIke a Virgin

On the weekends I usually wake up a couple of hours before she does.   This one particular morning I found myself looking at some of our “home movies” and photos we’ve either taken ourselves or photos others have taken.

After about an hour of staring and drooling over them I couldn’t take it anymore.  She had been busy all week with finals and we hadn’t had sex since the previous weekend (a rare thing for us) and since I’m not allow to jerk off I was too eager for my own good.  I  got up to wake her but halfway down the hall I could hear she was up and in the shower.

She had beaten me to it.

Stripping outside the bathroom I walked in and climbed into the shower with her and held her close while we kissed good morning.  She could see by my state when I entered the shower that I was horny has hell.

We kissed a bit longer until she grabbed my head and pushed me down.

Eventually we were having sex standing up outside the shower then she was sitting on the edge of the tub while I was on my knees on the cold bathroom tile about to enter her when it hit me.

We had only been going at it for a few seconds when I had to pull out again for fear of exploding.   After only a few seconds!

I knelt down further to take care of her with my mouth and hands for a few minutes before going back in again.


Again it was only a few seconds until I was on the edge again so I had to pull out.

We started laughing about my body’s over eagerness.  Holding back usually isn’t an issue. This was getting ridiculous.

I went back to taking care of her with my hands and mouth again and eventually raised back up to try again.


Once again I was on the verge in under a minute.

Laughing she pushed me back, my ass hitting the cold floor as she said “That’s it, you’re going to come for me now!” and grabbed me to finish me off.

We hopped back in the shower to clean off.

We talked about what had just happened.  We both found it amusing but I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to have a problem from now on.

A couple of hours later we learned it was just a one-time thing.



lol lol lol rofl

sorry I know it’s not funny, been there done that wish it never happened. At least you never fell asleep during a BJ.

I’ll never hear the end of that one.

What a post! This is like virtual cuckolding. LOL. Hope you guys continue to do great things together!

I can relate to this, virtual cuckolding and chastity holding is now in vogue.