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As you may know I’ve been toying with the ida of staring a podcast. After a lot of procrastonating and saving for software and equipment, I’ve finally put something together.

My goal is….well…I don’t have one other than to have some good casual conversations about sex and BDSM.

Basically I’ll be going from friend to friend (and strangers if anyone want to shoot the breeze) and recording conversations about kink then releasing 10-20 minute segments of those conversations in the podcast.

I’m still working out the bugs but for now I have a test podcast up with a short conversation with a friend of mine just to make sure all is up and running.

Masocast.com is the place to go, feel free to add it to itunes and give me some positive or negative feedback (Not yet though…so far it’s just a test).

I’d also love any volunteers for anyone who’d like to sit down and chat.

I’ll bring the mic if you supply the beer or coffee.


I’ve seen (heard) some good podcasts done through talkshoe.com, which allows people to call in from various parts of the US. The service records over an hour or two, and you can have it uploaded to iTunes if you want. As long as you don’t mind the quality of the telephones (which is okay for talking, not music), it’s really a neat setup.

You can even listen in live, and the podcast owner can allow others to join in. There is even a chat board for each show for people to comment and discuss while the show is being recorded.

How fun to hear your voice!

Oh my. VERY nice voice. I vote for a podcast of you having sex!!!

Nice. Like the casualness, like the audio quality, and yeah, what a voice! You do NOT sound like I imagined you would (not that I spent an excessive amount of time imagining what you’d sound like).

I look forward to hearing more!

Considering I have a fetish for voices, your podcast is like heroin for me, and after listening to your test, I am certain I am going to have an addiction.

You should check out a book named “A Report From The Bunker”.

Its the same concept….taped conversations between William Burroughs and many, many interesting people. There’s Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Susan Sontag and LOTs of other great characters.

I enjoyed reading about his encounter with Samuel Beckett….

Not sure if its even your thing…

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