Now THAT’S Self-Promotion

Sade was recently asked to write a bio for a friend’s website.

One thing both Sade and I have in common is the uncomfortable feeling that moves over us when we’re asked to write a bio.

For me it just feels egotistical to write a bio that will be used for promotional purposes.  Every time I write one I think “Geez, I sound like a douche who’s only interested in self promotion”.  Reading bios of people I know however seem perfectly natural and un-douchebaggie.

I was asked to write about myself recently and I replied with “Axe:  A dude”.

They asked for more and I replied “Axe: A super cool kinky dude”.

They didn’t like that one either for some reason.

So I thought I’d write one for Sade since I know how uncomfortable it is to write one.

“Mistress Sade is a super foxy lifestyle and professional dominant and kink educator in New York City.  One of her greatest enjoyments is showing people new ways to express themselves through BDSM.  Everything from the most basic styles of play to more advanced techniques, Sade teaches singles, couples and even groups how to get in touch with their inner dominant.   Sade offers a unique perspective and super foxy ways to be foxy in all her foxiness and foximilitude.  Her super cool slave/sex machine Axe wrote this for her, thus proving she’s so busy teaching others that she doesn’t have time to proof-read her own bio.”

Too much?