listener emails

A Close Call

A listener to the podcast sent me this email recently.

“Just wanted to send a small message to say that the show is still very much appreciated and is my favourite thing to listen to in the car.

To give you a little chuckle, today a female colleague asked to borrow my car as an emergency , as her’s was in for repair . So being a nice chap and her being Hot, I handed over my keys. I had used the car to drive to work and my Ipod was still plugged into the stereo ….. OMG .

So this evening I was handed back a set of carkeys by a cute Lady smiling .. “What’s the Master Class ??” and “What is a Dominatrix ??” She asked in a really open manner. “Oh I listened to the podcast and learned a lot” she added ….

Well I suppose if one is to “come out” might as well do it via the Masocast show …..
Great stuff, keep up the work and again thank you for all the interviews.”

I’ve had a couple of emails like this over the years and they are always positive. It’s most likely that those who get “outed” by listening to the podcast in a bad way are too mortified to share the story with me but it’s nice to know some people end up bridging the gap between others who may also be kinky through the podcast.