kink in advertising

Found Femdom: Vodka Commercial

Not sure how I feel about this one.

Found Femdom: Cara Delevingne

This one was sent in by Aarkey. This image comes from a write-up in the Daily Mail about a new ad campaign for shoes or something or other. 


From the article

That’s an interesting way to sell shoes! Cara Delevingne channels her inner dominatrix as she poses with Karl Lagerfeld in studded leather and racy corsets for footwear brand

I had no idea who Karl Lagerfeld was before I saw this.  I’ve seen him on ads here and there and always assumed he was one of the albino twins from the Matrix movies trying to pick up some extra cash.

Now and then someone will ask me what the most common feature in a Found Femdom image.  It’s hard to pin down but I’d say it usually comes down to the look in the eyes.



Found Femdom: Levis

Thanks to another eagle-eyed reader I’ve got two more Found Femdom images to share, this time from Levis.

Human furniture is a very popular theme in fashion photography. (Sade said that when I showed her these images, made me sound smart right?).




Found……something or….other

A reader sent me this one.

Found Femdom is in the eye of the beholder and this one is a prime example of that.

So the point of this advertisement is that she’s a strong woman, so strong that she can handle the fact that her man let a dog hump his leg so long that it rubbed the fabric of his pants down to nothing and she’s going to sew it up (I assume to encourage the behavior again) and do it over her knee.

Oh and Vaseline.