forced orgasms

Sade Threatens Me

Every now and then Sade will threaten to make me orgasm without permission. She’ll usually say this after a long play session involving teasing edging and general torment.

Last night was another one of those nights.

After what felt like hours of teasing, pulling twisting and fucking me she finally let me orgasm. I know there were a few times where she was really hoping I would without permission.

It’s so hard not to sometimes but in all the years we’ve been together I don’t think I ever came without permission. It takes a lot of deep breathing exercises, biting my lip (or like last night my bicep) so the pain overcomes the pleasure.

Afterwards she said “Someday I’ll make you come without permission so I can punish you for it”.

I can’t imagine what that will entail but it scares the crap out of me. She’s had me in tears with desire for release in the past. What would happen if she kept going for hours long past the tears? Would I go insane? Would my desire to orgasm overwhelm my desire to please her? (Catch 22 I know since I know she wants me to come without permission and that would please her but at the same time if she were to order me to come without permission that means she permitted it and therefore I’d actually be coming without permission…with permission?? )

Now I’m wondering what she could possibly do to push me over the edge. I’ve somehow managed to use breathing and other tricks to hold back.

She’s never mentioned what the punishment would be for it…crap I didn’t even think about that until I typed it just now.

In Sickness And In Orgasm

I was not feeling well.

I felt queasy, my head hurt and I just felt blah as I lay on our big leather couch. 

She walks in front of me and puts a container of lube on the coffee table.  I immediately assume she wants to fuck me and wonder what she could possibly be thinking considering how crappy I’m feeling.  Sex or anything like it is the furthest thing from my mind.

I remind her I’m not feeling well (without trying to sound ungrateful) and she replies “I don’t care, I want to play with my cock”.

She instructs me to pull up some porn on my laptop (this is a new one) and to relax.

I pull up the first porn I can find that looks decent but know I probably won’t be looking at the screen at all.

Soon she’s pulled my clothes off and I’m laying back…..

(ummm….I should note for all of our friends who come over often and read this, I clean the leather couch regularly and a majority of the time we have a towel or something underneath us when we do anything on our couch…unless that turns you on…just let us know before you come over that you’d like us to fuck on it beforehand and we can work something out.)

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

Soon she’s pulled my clothes off and I’m laying back.  Despite feeling under the weather I’m hard and panting in no time while she slowly strokes me.

It always fucks with my head when she’s playing with me this way.  I never know what her intentions are.  Is she going to be teasing me for the next hour?  Will she bring me to the edge over and over then deny me?  Will she make this long and drawn out or is she just doing this to get off knowing she can get me hard and make me orgasm even when I’m feeling like crap?

Why does this fuck with my head?   Because there’s a switch I have in my head when I know I need to try and pace myself for a long duration. I can breath and to hold back to prevent myself from edging too early or I can just let myself go.  Sometimes she tells me when she’s going to bring me to the edge over and over and that helps me pace myself, other times she just wants to see me cum.  

She continued her long slow strokes for a few more minutes then started picking up the pace, using both of her hands to bring me closer and closer.  I had barely looked at the porn playing on my laptop.  It was far too easy to get swept away with the reality of what was happening between us than the couple fucking on screen.

She picked up the pace and moved one of her hands down and started pulling on my balls.  When she does this it usually means she wants me to cum soon.  Our eyes locked and I could feel the muscles in my body tighten, I was at the point where I had to consciously prevent myself from going over the edge.  She pulled down harder on my balls and sped up stroking even faster.

I tried to plead with her to let me  go over the edge as our eyes were locked.  I don’t remember if I could even speak.

Eventually she commanded:  “Now”

My body arched as it overtook me and I screamed while she sounded her approval.

As I was coming down from my high I asked if I could go down on her.

“No, I just wanted to play with my cock.  Now go clean up”.