Sade Threatens Me

Every now and then Sade will threaten to make me orgasm without permission. She’ll usually say this after a long play session involving teasing edging and general torment.

Last night was another one of those nights.

After what felt like hours of teasing, pulling twisting and fucking me she finally let me orgasm. I know there were a few times where she was really hoping I would without permission.

It’s so hard not to sometimes but in all the years we’ve been together I don’t think I ever came without permission. It takes a lot of deep breathing exercises, biting my lip (or like last night my bicep) so the pain overcomes the pleasure.

Afterwards she said “Someday I’ll make you come without permission so I can punish you for it”.

I can’t imagine what that will entail but it scares the crap out of me. She’s had me in tears with desire for release in the past. What would happen if she kept going for hours long past the tears? Would I go insane? Would my desire to orgasm overwhelm my desire to please her? (Catch 22 I know since I know she wants me to come without permission and that would please her but at the same time if she were to order me to come without permission that means she permitted it and therefore I’d actually be coming without permission…with permission?? )

Now I’m wondering what she could possibly do to push me over the edge. I’ve somehow managed to use breathing and other tricks to hold back.

She’s never mentioned what the punishment would be for it…crap I didn’t even think about that until I typed it just now.


You lucky, lucky bastard 😉

Hi Axe:

I am going to have to agree with my friend Aarkey. You are indeed an extremely lucky bastard! 🙂



Sounds like you invest a lot of time in the bedroom! Many people don’t these days, so it’s great that you have a healthy and enjoyable sex life – good for you! 🙂