forced orgasm

Making My Whole Body Shake

She put the leather goggle blindfold over my eyes, told me to strip, kneel and wait for her in the living room.

I waited there, I heard her doing something in the bedroom but I wasn’t quite sure what.

I started to worry.

We’ve had a friend staying with us for the last couple of months. What if she came home early, opened the door and was greeted by the sight of me kneeling naked and blindfolded right in front of the door?

My knees pressed into the cold wooden floor. The next thing I knew I felt her skin against my lips. I didn’t know what part of her I was kissing. It didn’t last long though, soon I felt her hands wrap around my balls and lift me to a standing position. She didn’t need to say anything, she lead me by the balls to the bedroom where we kissed.

Before I knew it I was bound to the bed and my legs and ass were up in the air and she was entering me.

I still can’t wrap my head around anal orgasms. When it happens, my mind feels so confused at where it’s coming from, it feels so overwhelming but finally my mind goes blank and it, as does my body, surrenders to her, this long slow wave moves over me, my body tightens, my back arches and I come.

Again and again she forced orgasms out of me. I lose count. 6? 7?

Each time she moans with me, whispers dirty things that just turns me on even more.

She moves off the bed and changes cocks, this one is much bigger. If I wasn’t in a deep post multi-orgasmic subspace I’d have asked her to please go slow at first but I can’t say anything, I just lay there with my legs still up in the air and moan with every exhale.

She positions herself over me, I can tell by the look on her face that she is more than turned on. She’s in another world like I am.  But she’s the opposite of I am, I’m getting fucked, mouth open and moaning, she’s got a wicked-hot smile on her face, talking dirty, fucking and owning me.

The night was just getting started.

The next morning I was in the shower, I could barely step in, my legs were still shaking.

All this week I’ve been constantly turned on, counting the seconds until I’m home from work and I’ll be able to see her, and kiss her again.