Dumb Domme

Random Kinky Stuff

-Sade and I went to the first play party we’ve been to in a while and it was such a great time.  Met some really great people, made some new friends and found some new guests for the podcast. Oh and I’ll be doing another big round of episodes again soon so if you’re game to go on via skype or in person (if you’re going to be or are in NYC that is), drop me an email.

TinaHorn2-Speaking of the podcast, a new episode with Tina Horn is now live, while you’re at it check out her podcast Why Are People Into That. It’s funny, smart and if you’ve ever wondered about the nuances of a kink you’re not into…or are into..this is a good one. Plus she’s funny as hell so that’s a big bonus.

-On another not-so-kinky podcast, 99percentinvisible, they covered the history of high heeled shoes in the episode Feet of Engineering.

-Lastly, if you’re not reading Dumb Domme you’re missing out on some of the most honest, heartbreaking, funny and..well fuck it’s some of the best writing on kink…no on relationships and life that I’ve ever read.