bubblegum fetish

128 Episodes And I’m Still Learning

iris1I still can’t get over the fact that I’ve done 128 episodes of The Masocast and I’m still finding areas of BDSM I’ve never imagined.

For example this latest episode I talk with irisenchanted (name lowercase by her request) and she talks about “lifting and carrying” a kink that revolves around..well..lifting and carrying people. Just carrying. Not lifting and fucking. Just lifting.

Another she mentions is the kink of bubblegum bubbles. People getting off on watching women with bubblegum, and there’s nuance to those as well. Does the bubble pop? Is it clean or messy? ¬†Fascinating.

Sometimes I’m jealous of people who have such a specific kink that gets them off. I’ve heard foot fetishists describe such detailed nuance of arches and little-toe to big-toe ratios that I sometimes wonder if knowing such detail of what turns you on makes it much easier to get your rocks off or that much harder since your tastes are so specific.

I never thought I had a fetish specifically other than submission and bondage in general but Sade has recently come up with a theory.

More on that later.