auto-correct mistake mistakes

Watermelon Balls

Sade has been under the weather for the past few days.  As a result I’ve been spending more time than usual running to make tea, making soup and just generally being extra-super-attentive in hopes to helping nurse her back to her usual healthy self.

Tonight I reluctantly kept an appointment with a client about some possible web design work.  I felt bad about leaving her side but knew she’d be fine and I’d only be gone a few hours.

After an hour into my meeting (and a few drinks shoved down my throat by the client) Sade texted me asking for “watermellon halls” upon my return.   Reading that I could tell there was an autocorrect issue with her text message and once the meeting was over I began looking for watermelon balls to cure her unusual craving.  Hell she was sick and her body was telling her she needed watermelon.   Who was I to judge?

Have you ever looked for watermelon balls in January in NYC?   Nope…neither has anyone else.   I went from store to store looking for watermelon and after an hour I finally found a place selling watermelon. “Fuck it.  I’ll make my own balls”.

Finally making it home and proudly presenting her with my hunting and gathering skills, she smiled and explained that no, she actually wanted watermelon flavored Halls cough drops.

No typo, no mixup.  Just an hour of my assuming her phone made a mistake and in her sleepy-haze she didn’t fix it.

Only two days into 2012 and I’m already racking up some odd mistakes.     This is gonna be an interesting year.