She had two (possibly three) personal submissive males at her beck and call. Now she was looking for financially well-endowed men only.

I didn’t fit the bill.

“Only if by “financial” you men I can afford to buy you an occasional beer”.

She didn’t think it was funny but we kept talking anyway. I don’t know why I kept talking to her knowing there was no chance in hell, but I did.

She said submissive guys like me were a dime a dozen. She keeps a few personals for her enjoyment and collects financial slaves on the side. All of them were easily replaced.

I don’t know what she meant by submissive men like me. Tall? Ok, no, she didn’t mean that.

I told her I often write about the subject and asked if I could quote her. She said no.

So…I’m paraphrasing.


i am hardly ‘miss morality’, but this woman seems morally bankrupt.

Why, oh why, would you even want a chance with a woman like that? Mercenary twit.

sigh, I think she meant desperate.

Women who are disrespectful towards you and your kind are not worth your time. You’d never get what you want from someone like that anyway.

Where do you meet these people?

Perhaps you should stop looking for Angelina look-alikes and start talking to real women.

Um, did anyone else think this post was actually kind of FUNNY? I laughed out loud! “Paraphrasing”–um, funny, right? I think Axe is kind of saying screw her in this instance by saying that.

Anyhoo, women like that are probs. pretty miserable even though they seem to have everything they want. That’s what I like to think anyway! Onward and upward!

Lavender Scorpion June 5, 2008 at 12:19 am

She’s just another working girl, I suppose.

Dang, you seemed to be cursed to meet the most unlikeable dominant women in Manhattan.

Hope this isn’t self-inflicted.