Table For Seven Please

I’ve got six of my close friends from back home coming to visit for the weekend.

Three married couples.

The seven of us used to spend a lot of time together and this will be the first time in five years we’ve all been in the same place at the same time.

Back in the midwest they were constantly hounding me because I was always single, only having sexual flings. )Now, five years later, nothing has changed.

I almost feel like this would be a good cheesy date movie. You know the kind, where I hire a woman to pose as my girlfriend in front of my friends and she falls for me in the end.

So, we’ll walk all over Manhattan this weekend. They’ve asked me to go to the usual places I hang out but you and I know I can’t really take them where I’d usually hang out.

They’ll meet my new NYC friends, all of my close ones who know about me, the real me. They’ll probably have some questions, why I’m still single and my friends in-the-know will give me a smile and make up some excuse on my behalf.

I love my friends from back home, but the idea of a submissive guy looking for a dominant woman would probably be a bit much for them so I’ll keep it to myself as I always have. A good friend suggested I take them to SMACK on Saturday night and just tell them that it’s what all NYC parties are like. I might, I’ll judge the vibe.

We’ll eat a lot, debate politics (finally I can be a liberal with a home court advantage), drink many beers and laugh until we cry. They women will go to a broadway show and the guys will go have drinks on their behalf. The guys will ask about my sexual conquests and I’ll give them a few stories while leaving out my favorite parts. We’ll have a good time.

It will be great to see them. I’ve missed them. Maybe seeing three happily married vanilla couples will rub some of the vanilla off on me.


Are you giving your friends enough credit?
“I love my friends from back home, but the idea of a submissive guy looking for a dominant woman would probably be a bit much for them so I’ll keep it to myself ”

Just because they are small town and from the Midwest does not mean that they cannot handle your secret. It wasn’t too hard for me to understand and I am all of the above. Plus it really is not some DIRTY little secret….we all have these kinks about us, you just post yours on a podium more often than most. I have always pegged farm boys as kinky. If you only knew how many times I have heard about snipe hunting in my past and no I do not need to be checked for ticks.

Oh,and I would say that chances are your friends are not strictly vanilla either. wink, wink……

Axe, I hope you have a great time with your friends! I can just imagine the fun and laughter to be had. And yes, you just never know, as *we* Midwesterners are not all pure in thought. I hope some of the kinky Axe can come out naturally.



Yeah, don’t assume they’re vanilla – they can hide secrets as well as you can! I recently found out that one of my friends, someone who seems really pure and innocent, is poly! She was totally stoked to find out about my d/s relationship. I’m not saying that you have to tell everyone about your lifestyle, but mention that you like a women who takes control and go from there. Like I said, you might be surprised!


You may be surprised… As I have found on fetlife & other such places, there are quite a few non-vanilla people ’round the midwest. Even if they aren’t as kinky as you, you’re all grown-ups!!! Have fun 😀

i just had a whole week of vanilla-lite with some dear old friends. i did a gentle probe (cough) with references to a couple of mainstream kink books, and an explanation of the difference between shibari and shibori, but clearly we were on very different planets. I enjoyed their company enormously, and keep the other part of me comfortably hidden. Sometimes that is best.

I hope you have a good time.

your being single may not have anything to do with your desire for d/s. i mean, you could be vanilla and still be single. tons of NYers in their 30s are single, as you know. i’m sure your friends know that, too. and if they don’t, just tell ’em the truth: that finding a relationship in NYC is really hard to do.

Thanks for the link. I have spent the past few days catching up but I am left with a question. Are you looking for someone to be dominant for sexual gratification (even without sexual contact) or do you want someone who is dominant in every aspect of your relationship? I realize you haven’t had many long term relationships but what is your ideal? I think that distinction is really important for you and any potential partners to know.

hope you made it to smack. totally off topic, but that just made me think of s’mac and now im hungry for mac and cheese.

Miseatsworld- I did tip my toe in the water of that conversation. There were many raised eyebrows. Yup…vanilla.

Kitten- He hid himself pretty well.

Downtown- True.

Ms. Pink. I’d settle for just about anything right now.

Pitseleh- I didn’t make it. Drank with the ‘nillas wayyyy late. Oh and I looooove s’mac.