One Hell Of First Date

Not all of my experiences have been bad. I’ve been very lucky when it comes to the friendships I’ve made through the lifestyle since moving to New York.

How I met one of my best friends:

We had met at a lifestyle event ….

—–Side note: Ok wait. She may remember this very differently than I do, the basics are the same and I’m sure she may take the opportunity to correct them if I do make any mistakes. Where was I?? Oh yeah

We had met at a lifestyle event, she was on a date and I was there with a close friend. I casually started talking to her and her date thinking “Sure, she’s on a date, but she’s insanely hot and may have some other insanely hot friends.” We chatted for a bit here and there and eventually parted ways.

Close to the end of the evening, she walked up to me and out of the blue gave me her email.

I tried to act casual and said “sure”, but had I been honest I would have said, “Sure, if you’ll excuse me first because I just shat my pants out of shock”.

We emailed, talked and made plans for a first date. A first date that involved going to a private play-party (her idea). She insisted that that would not nessecarily mean we would play but I couldn’t help but get my hopes up.

We met at a bar before going to dinner and immediately I noticed her tight fitting clothes and the enormous black bag she was carrying with her. I offered to carry it and could tell that the contents included something, not just any something…SOMETHING.

Dinner was nice, she was a great conversationalist, very attractive and really got my humor. Well, as much as anyone can get my humor.

Afterwards we headed to the play-party. It was a play-party I had been to a number of times in hopes to meet someone but never did, It was one of those play-parties where the only Dommes that show up are those who are with someone. You know, like all play-parties. This time, I was the sub there with the unapproachably stunning Domme.

My date and I visited with the hostess and host, chatted up a few people and I had the vibe that we would not be playing, she just seemed so casual like it was the furthest thing from her mind.

Out of the blue my date stood up, grabbed her big black bag and motioned me to the center of the play area next to a big couch.

As she opened up the bag and removed its contents, I was shaking with excitement and a little bit of nervousness. I asked her if she wanted me to get undressed (wishful thinking) but she declined.

She started by putting me in a thick leather straightjacket. I could feel her confidence and how happy she was in this task and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

A big smile went across her face and she said “I can feel you”.


“I can feel you”.

“What do you mean?”

“I can feel you” she said with an even bigger smile.

—-Side note: I know I’ve asked her what she meant by this a number of times and I don’t think I’ve ever had a straight answer.

After the straightjacket, she tied my ankles together, legs and put me in a full body bag followed by a full hood over my head as the room went black.

It was the only time I had experienced anything like this.

She moved me so I was laying across the couch and then sat on me. Asking me if I was doing ok from time to time but other than that, staying pretty quiet.

I was “the couch”, she would introduce people to me that way and I felt a number of (I hope) female bottoms sitting on me from time to time to visit with her. It was the only time I have ever been treated like, literally, an object. It felt good coming from her.

Now and then she would lean in and whisper to me all that I was missing. She told me about all of the steamy play and sex that was going on and if only I could see it.

She lifted up the mask just enough to play with my mouth, sliding a finger in my mouth letting me suck on it. I think she could tell that I had a huge oral fixation. After a few minutes (or hours, who knows) she leaned in and asked me:

“Do you want to taste some pussy?”

“Yes please, Is it yours?”

“No”, she answered.

I had no idea how to answer this. I had never done anything like that. Why couldn’t I taste hers? But I was desperate to have my mouth do what I enjoy most.

“Ok”, or maybe I said “Yesssss pleeeeeeeeeeaaasseeee”.

Just a few seconds later I felt someone sitting on my face and I went to work. I channeled all of my bodies energy into my mouth and tongue. I didn’t have the best vantage point but I managed to suck her clit into my mouth while flicking it with my tongue. A move one woman years ago called my “finishing move” (She probably played too much Mortal Combat while having sex).

I completed my task and remained in that position for a long time until she took me out of the bag, took off the straightjacket and mask. Then we cuddled for a bit.

I asked her who the woman was that sat on my face and she said something like “do you really want to know?”

I didn’t want to know but it was pretty obvious as we were leaving and saying goodbye to everyone when one young woman realized I was “the couch” and gave me a big cheery hug.

We went on a few more dates. The dating part didn’t last but our friendship grew.

She’s one of my best friends now and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. I totally adore her and love her. She’s helped me cope with disappointments of my search and given me advice, I’ve helped her with things too. I can tell her jokes I know no one else will get (or tolerate). She’s one of those people that just make you comfortable to be around.

I sometimes think how strangely and wonderfully our friendship started. It makes me smile and knowing where we are now makes me smile even more. If I never meet “the one” but continue to meet people like her, I’ll still be one lucky SOB.

Note: I asked for her permission to write this. I’m sure she’ll make any corrections in the comments section.


It’s nice to make human furniture. As a Domme I do expect my hopeful submissives to tell me their desires. I make confessions a regular part of submission. I hold my slaves secrets like keys and then before they realize I change the locks to their submission and rewrite the codes. I’m not sure of all the reasons why you haven’t been collared by now but I hope it’s not because you won’t specify your submissive desires for fear it will become a laundry list for someone to just give you what you want from it. Don’t give up and don’t fear bearing it all.

A really unique post – I truly enjoyed reading about your experience.

Also, as for what Sandra said before me – in my work as a Domme, I regularly use erotic confession as well. It was done to me first as a sub and I remember the reaction it created in me — it’s my goal to re-create that response in my submissives.

I hope you find that right someone. I think it does take time, patience, and luck. ~Catalina

what an erotic story! now having read two of your posts, i feel very moved by your writing. you just convey emotion beautifully. so i’m going to stop reading for today, but i think i’ll be back soon. 🙂

Sandra: I do need to work on asking for what I desire, I suppose I’m worried it would be done to placate me.

Catalina: Glad you liked the post, I’m a very lucky SOB to have her as a friend.

persephone: I hope you do come back, I like your blog as well.

Amazing! I don’t know what else to say. I’m just amazed. If only that were me!

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