Not So Fast

This is the part that I hate, the leaving part.

My body aches for multiple reasons, all of them good. I feel drained of sex and full from cuddling.

I can feel that dreaded moment come where I walk out that door and back into a world where things rarely make sense.

Things make sense in her universe. Where I’m told what to do and what I do makes her smile most of the time.

I’m packing things up and trying put myself in the mindset of the outside world. It’s always a bit of a shock be on my own when the door closes behind me. It’s the mental version of the bends. Changing environments too rapidly.

I finish packing. I feel her hand on my ass, gentle at first then she slides two fingers between my cheeks. I’m still tender back there and I gasp as the energy between us bursts down to my toes.

She takes her hand away and doesn’t say a word. I can feel her eyes looking over my body then into my eyes. A faint smile comes as she says the words I was hoping to hear.

“Get in the bedroom and take off your clothes.”

My universe will have to wait.


I know this feeling from both sides.

It sucks.

Putting it off a little longer, on the other hand… has a wonderful way of making you feel so wanted still.

You might get asked back for a second round one day :-).

That’s beautiful!

I feel that same sense of loss from the other side. It makes me incredibly tender and violent, and if he knows me, he can seduce my domination with a shy glance, a regretful look, a slow body movement.

I love reading positive posts from you Axe. Just lovely.


I heard the story of how when you were younger you knew you liked dominant women when you saw Super Woman tying up a bad guy and you wished you were that bad guy on the “Funky Brown Chick.” Very nice story;) Keep writing PLEASE:)