I was really excited when I walked past this store today.   

It turns out it’s more of a hardware store than an S/M hardware store.

I asked the manager if there was some secret room in the back where I could find the good stuff but he just looked at me like I was a moron or something.

Maybe there’s a secret password I need to use to get in the back.



Bah, lots of stuff in hardware stores can be perverted. I’m thinking chains, padlocks, rope… Maybe it’s not false advertisement after all? 😉

I don’t live too far from this store:

Definitely made me laugh when I first passed by.

Hahaha! I’d go in and blast them for false advertising.

Oh I didn’t see Elle’s comment… perhaps that argument wouldn’t be a good one then!

Elle: Good point, Now I’m stuck with wondering what cold chains would feel like on my body. Geee thanks!

Mia: maybe it’s the same owner.

Axe, I believe the metal warms up after a while. I should ask Boy Toy 😉