Must See: A Cleansing and Healing Ritual With Eric Pride

I’ve mentioned Eric Pride’s classes and workshops in the past, I really can’t say enough good stuff about the guy or the workshops he runs. Eric was instrumental in helping me get acclimated to the NYC scene and frankly I wouldn’t be in a successful D/s relationship had I not been lucky enough to meet him. So once again I wanted to give you a head’s up on another great workshop with Eric coming up December 9th.

A Cleansing and Healing Ritual (Link to the Fetlife Page or register directly here )

Sunday, December 09, 2012 · 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Manhattan Society for Alternative Sexual Expression (location sent upon registration)
New York 10009 @ map
Cost: $20
Dress code: Comfortable Clothing
An event brought to you by Manhattan Society for Alternative Sexual Expression & NYC Kinky Living…

Do you have D/s, M/s or other lifestyle experiences that have left you with some kind of spiritual or emotional baggage that you just could not shake off?

Rituals can provide a safe tool to deal with painful memories and experiences, and initiate change to promote healing. In this workshop you will learn the building blocks to these types of rituals, how to plan for and conduct them in a safe and positive way. You will also participate in an actual ritual that supports your personal and spiritual growth in the lifestyle.

Note: This workshop may evoke strong emotional experiences and memories. Please carefully consider this before participating. Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, it is limited to 12 participants. All who attend must actively participate.

More info on the event can be found on the Fetlife Page or register for the event here.