Muffled Thank You

After lots of kissing she gave me the green light to go down on her.

Watching her back arch while we both moaned at the same time. Feeling her legs tighten around my head. Her heavy breathing mixed with words of praise. Prying my face from between her legs for a few minutes before I could go back for round two…then three then….I lost count.

I did my best not to go all subbie on her, not to thank her a thousand times but to let my mouth thank her without using words. If she knew how badly I wanted to feel used, controlled and taken by her, she may freak out.

Being submissive usually means my mind and my body are in conflict with one another. My body wants to ask if she’ll fuck me, if she’ll want to go down on me or if she’ll let me fuck her. My mind just wants to please her. I never ask for what my body wants, I figure if she wants it too she’ll do it. Besides, my body always wants to be in this position anyway.

I wish I had more than one mouth so I could suck on her toes, breasts, neck and earlobes while going down on her. Then again, I would look pretty silly with five mouths.

I ignore the urge to ask for a million dirty things and get lost in the rhythm of my mouth sucking her clit into my mouth while flicking it with my tongue. I look up and see that she’s lost too. I want to thank her but my mouth is busy doing other things and thanking her would stop the rhythm.

Hopefully she can feel how thankful I am.


Come visit Alabama?

Reality is–sounds like she enjoyed it too…so you both won.

Mmm…nice bedtime story for me.


Oooh, Good boy!

Oh my.
When did this happen?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm 😀

Yeah, sometimes we just have to tell our mouth to shut up and suck ;P)

Lucky you and lucky lady :-).