For The Ladies…

I’ve occasionally had my ass handed to me because of my Found Femdom feature. Sometimes I’m accused of pushing the stereotype dominant women and other times I’m praised for featuring images of women in the position of power. Both are valid viewpoints.

I just like seeing images of women in positions of power over men.

For those of you who would rather see images focused more on men. Eileen and Maymay have started a new website that features submissive men.

Male Submission Art, should be in your bookmarks, rssfeeders and even set as your homepage.

I like looking at the images and imagining a woman stumbling upon them and discovering that she likes the idea of a man in that position. Maybe she likes the idea a lot! Maybe she searches for male submissive blogs and finds mine! Maybe she emails me and wants to kidnap me and use me!

Ok I’m getting carried away.

They’ve only been up for a short time but have enough images to keep you occupied for a while. Oh, and feel free to email them any images that you think would be appropriate.

Thanks Eileen and Maymay!


Thanks for blogging about the site, Axe.

For the record, emailing us pictures is great but even more awesome is sending them to us direct with links via Delicious. You can even collaborate straight from your blog with a link. If you’ve got questions, please read the FAQ first. 😉

Thanks again!

It strikes me that some people seem to think there should be no humour or irony in sex (in which case they must be having very clean, tidy, and uneventful sex), and that seems a great pity. Your Found Femdom feature is pretty, fun, and sexy, and if people have a problem with that they probably have issues with a few other things too…

For the ladies?

Axe, I found some of those images rather erotic, too. Didn’t you?

Lol @ Tom’s comment. 😉

But I have to say that as soon as I say what maymay and Eileen were doing, I thought, “Well, now maybe people won’t yell at axe for the FF stuff.” I don’t say it made any logical sense.

🙂 For the record, “For the ladies” was never our intention. I don’t care who you are—if you enjoy the content on, good for you.

I do enjoy your found femdom feature, axe. Just forget about the people that bitch. There will ALWAYS be people that bitch, no matter what you do. Some just like to bitch 😉

And awesome, about maymay’s new site! Just looked through all the pictures with Boy Toy, and we enjoyed it quite a bit. Might even inspire us into submitting our own pictures… I do love taking pictures of Boy Toy, you know 😉 We’ll see.

Ok, I just said “bitch” way too often in the above comment. Saturday morning, can’t come up with a better word 😛

I actually like bitching. I am practicing to become a really wicked, nasty bitch. According to real life testimony I have to work much harder at it, so I hang around here, working out. After all, axe is The Bitch Magnet, as he has demonstrated frequently.

Ah, and Male Submission Art is great 🙂

Thank you, Axe, for posting this! I’m all about that site now. REORRR!

That’s for the ladies in the same way that Playgirl is.

The 92% of the “ladies” reading are actually gay men 😉

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.


That’s for the ladies in the same way that Playgirl is.

The 92% of the “ladies” reading are actually gay men
Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Why do you think that is?