Marathon Man

This week is the big NYC Fetish Marathon. Event after event after event. I’m planning on making it to at least three or four and thought I’d write about the ones I’m planning on going to to support those who go to all the trouble to make a space for people to meet and have a good time:

First up (and I know it’s late notice) Midori is giving a presentation on the Art of Sensual Feminine Dominance. At first I was thinking “hmmm it would be a great way to meet women who are into that” but that sounded a bit creepy. However, when my best friend wanted to go as well, I figured I now have a non-creepy excuse to go.

It’s Tonight (Tuesday) at the Museum Of Sex, 7:00 sharp.


Friday night my friend Mistress Didi is putting on a Fetish Stimulus Party. More details here. Didi’s parties were the first I ever went to and thankfully they were so good that I stayed in the scene. She really went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and this party is sure to be another event where you can meet new people in the scene. Plus if you say you saw it on Unspeakableaxe you get free admission! Ok it’s free admission for anyone who goes no matter where they saw it.

Then there’s the twice-per year Smack.

Plus Suspension on Sunday.   

Whew….busy busy week.

If you’re in New York City and are looking for Kink/Fetish things to do. This is you’re week. There are other events going on as well. If you know of some of note that I missed here, feel free to add ’em in the comments.

Oh and if you see me, feel free to say hi.


The Mistress Didi* May 26, 2009 at 5:25 pm

It’s because people like you have pleasant introductions to The Scene that I keep giving events! I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Living in the UK means I won’t be visiting, however, this week is the holidays here so I may ear mark it for next year! WOuld be a break from exam fever.

I would love to say but to do so would mean a lot of shoe studying as that’s all I’d recognise of you!