Doctor Doctor, Gimmie The News…

I’m waiting at the Doc’s office as I write this.


Just feeling a bit under the weather all week and the past two days I’ve stayed home and done nothing. Despite the fact that I told myself I’d take the extra time to edit more audio for the podcast. Instead I’ve slept, slept, taken lots of showers and baths, and slept some more.

But, since I’m just sitting here waiting, I’m reminded of the first time I imagined anything medical would be sexy:

It was the singing nurse in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Remember? “I’m here to restore your pluck, ’cause I’m the nurse who likes to..”

Hey I was 12 or something when I saw it! Cut me some slack!

Lately I’ve learned more and more of my friends have a thing for medical play.   Catheters, enemas, sounds, needles….there’s probably more but I’m groggy.

Most of the things that go along with medical play scare the hell out of me. That’s probably why I’m so curious about it. I might be one of those things where it’s better I don’t know what’s going to happen until its happening. Maybe someone will just strap me down and “surprise” it’s (insert scary thing that I’m eager to try here).

I really have nothing more to say on the subject since I feel like a mental zombie today.   

My body hurts and aches. Even my balls hurt.   

Please make the pain stop so I can be free to go out and let someone bring the pain back again!


My mom was dominating,
My mom was demanding,
My mom was a doctor!

I used to rummage through her vintage lingerie draw when I was wee little subbie.

Suffice it to say, I have a fondness for some medical play for sure.

Important to do it with those who know what they are doing. Sounds without proper sterile procedures can be a big problemo. Sounds are fun for sure though.

Hope you feel better!

Well imagine: a naughty fantasy female nurse or doctor type who offered to test *all* your reflexes or do the slowest, dirtiest getting almost naked striptease you’ve ever seen followed by a slow, erotic bed bath…

Would either of those things make you feel better [GGG]?

Hope you’re feeling better. What did the doc say?

And how many pairs of converse do you have? 😛