Kink For All NYC

There’s now a time and place for Kink For All.   

March 8th at the LBGT center in sunny NYC.

It’s free but you really really should sign up on the website.

I’m so very excited about this event. More than any event in the past. It’ll be filled with information, great people, interesting presenters and most importantly it’s free…oh I mean most importantly you’ll be surrounded by the bestest and kinkiestest people in the galaxy.

I’m still not sure what/if I should do a presentation on but no matter what I’ll be lending a hand and bringing some food (I promise not to cook it).

Maybe I’ll do a presentation on how not to fold a fitted sheet. I swear the last time I tried to fold one it felt like I was trying to diffuse a bomb.


“How to fold a fitted sheet,” would be a fantastic title for a presentation about kinky service or some such….

Ha! I like the fitted sheet idea. I’d be interested to see you talk about service, actually.