It Started Out.. (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

(I’d go into all of the dirty details but….this day was such a milestone for me on so many ways, I’d like to leave some things for just she and I)

I worked for another hour or so, marking off the list of chores she had assigned to me.

I left to drop off a dress at the dry cleaners and pick up a load of laundry. On my way back I sent her a text message asking if I could grab a snack on my way home. I was in such a rush on my way there a few hours earlier that I didn’t have time to eat lunch and by this time is was almost 5. She responded with “Yes but be very quick. You’re in trouble”.

“Fuck” I thought. I had been so careful. Did I break something? Ruin a piece of clothing?

I skipped the snack and rushed back to her place since I wanted to quickly fix whatever I may have ruined.

I buzzed her door and nervously opened the door to her apartment and saw her there.   

I was dumbstruck…..yes…even dumber than normal. She had put on heels and was now it felt as though she was almost towering over me (and I’m 6’2″). I didn’t think anything of it really, if I had to guess she was going to meet up with someone while I cleaned.

So why was I in trouble?

Seems I had let a big pool of water collect on her bathroom floor before I left to drop off her laundry. I apologized and was about to clean it up when she said one word with confidence and strength: “Strip!”

I did of course and not long after she had me bent over the side of her bed and was telling me about the importance of being careful.

She had me count out the corrective swats. 50 of them. My voice was shaking and I felt conflicted. I was turned on by the situation but felt bad that I had made the mistake to warrant it.

Afterwards she ran her hand along my back and cupped my ass, commenting on how warm it felt before ordering me to get on all fours on the floor and kiss her feet to thank her for correcting me.

I’d never been treated in such a way. Whatever way that was. I was confused, turned on, humbled and I felt bad for the mistake.

I’ve never considered myself a foot fetishist, I’m more of an all-body fetishist and it was making my head spin to be able to finally put my lips on her skin.

She had me stop and then take her shoes off. My hands were shaking with desire and being in an almost immediate mental sub-space that made undoing the buckles of her shoes next to impossible but I finally got them off.

Here’s the funny part: She laid down on the bed and said “continue”. I had assumed she meant that I should continue cleaning so I got back up and she quickly corrected me. A big smile on her face showed she was amused.   

I returned to kissing her feet and she could feel how nervous and turned on I was. My body was shaking.

I kept kissing her feet, not knowing if that’s all she wanted or not until she said “you’re making the rest of my body jealous”.

I moved on to other parts of her body and I wish I could say I was smooth and confident but I was not. I was fumbling, so eager that she’d remind me to take my time and not to rush it.

She’d show me how she liked to be touched and kissed. She’d moan and smile when I was doing the right thing and she’d kindly correct me when I was doing something that didn’t agree with her. Later she told me how she liked the fact that she could correct me without my getting offended.

My lips and tongue on her body felt like electricity all through my body. I was thrilled I was able to please her. We laid next to each other for a few minutes before she sent me back to work.

I cleaned for what felt like an hour before I heard the bell ring and I’d be at the foot of her bed where she’d want my mouth again and after she’d send me back to work. I’d clean and work and a couple of hours later I’d find myself a third time by her bed where she’d ask me, “Do you think you know my body well enough to make me cum a third time?”   

I did.

Afterwards she said something that will always be burned in my brain.

“I think I’m going to keep you”.

She did.


I’m so happy for you! 🙂 Been reading all night, glad i found your blog