With all of the wonderful and complex things in this lifestyle, I’ve become obsessed with kissing lately.

No..not strap-on, beatings, bondage or anything like that. Though I’d be lying if I said those weren’t passing through my mind as well.

It’s kissing that I’ve grown to appreciate now more than ever.

I feel the same electricity as I did when I first discovered when I was a teenager. After I became more sexually experienced, kissing became something that just happened, it was in the background. It was an appetizer, not the main course.

Now though, with her, it’s like a whole meal in itself. We’ve had scenes that involved nothing but kissing (with the occasional grape thrown in) that have been just as sexually satisfying as anything else out there.

It’s intimacy in it’s purest form.

Lips touching, tongues grazing, breath synchronizing, moans escaping.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like everyone I’ve been with since my teens have been bad kissers. It’s just with her, it’s different. I really can’t tell you what it is but it’s there when we kiss.

Food tastes better, orgasms more powerful, sex more sexual and even cuddling more..cuddly.

Sometimes she’ll grab the back of my head when she’s mid orgasm and press her lips to mine.

Other times I’ll just spend time kissing her unmoving lips as she comes down from an orgasm. Soft, shaking flushed lips.

Is it emotional? It’s it chemistry? Mutual desire?

Whatever it is, it’s there and I caught myself moaning a few times while writing this.


I am completely with you, kissing is one of life’s special pleasures. The electricity of kissing and just kissing for the sake of it. More intimate than any other act.

In fact, my first ever published erotic story was about kissing.

Now, I’m moaning!

I miss kissing

I’m loving your posts lately, Axe. They’re so beautiful and vivid. All the best!

Loooooove kissing! I definitely think that chemistry plays a huge part in it. I’ve been with guys I’ve found really sexually attractive and the kissing just wasn’t…there. I mean, they kissed me, but it wasn’t good. And then there have been guys who I’ve found less sexually attractive, but who were really great kissers. We were just kissing-compatible.

But really, if you’ve found someone who fits both bills, someone who makes kissing wonderful and who is sexually attractive to you, hold on to her. Of all the people I’ve kissed, that’s only happened to me a few times. Now, I won’t settle for less!

kissing with the occasional grape thrown in? it’s true… nothing complements kissing like fruit salad. 😉

i am so happy that you’re happy. i agree with leah, your writing has been so bright and shining lately. it always makes me smile (and not just because of your clever typos).

Wonderful… I am Happy for you I agree that your writing has changed with your contentment, I wish you the best.

This post made me smile.
It made me smile for myself, for memories and for you.

I love your posts because you seem so happy. I just love that.

Kissing is a lost art. I love to kiss and could/have kissed for hours. One time was with a boy I was saying goodbye to when he was going away. 5 hours in the park. Just lying together kissing. To this day, every time he hears my voice he gets an erection and the same thing happens to me, in girl form 🙂 Lovely post.