Interview Me

Ok first I should say that this was not my idea. But I’ve been asked to be interviewed on my own podcast. At first I thought it may sound a bit egotistical

Yep. Someone is going to interview me and she’s asked that I open the blog up for some questions to be asked of me.

So…have at it. Go ahead. Hit me with your best shot.

You can either ask in the comments or shoot me an email.

Want to know what’s my favorite brand of socks?

Want to know how many US patents I own?

Want to know how many times someone has offered to have sex with me for money?

Well I’ll answer those questions now:

Fruit of the Loom



See? Simple

Now just imagine me answering hard-hitting questions like that but on the podcast!

I know!

So…lemmie have it.


Someone? Would that someone be your owner?

I don’t know what she (or whoever is interviewing you should ask), just something that makes you squirmy and nervous. Especially if it’s her asking the questions. 😉

I want to know the one thought, and you might have to think about it, the one thought that you wouldn’t tell another person because you fear it would change her/his perception of you.
It isn’t necessarily a secret, it could be something someone already knows you think about, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say it out loud.
Everyone has that one thought they think will change everything, what is yours?

How you feel male submission differs from female submission, or if it does at all?

Now, since your journey from unsatisfied and pretty desperate lonely male submissive to pretty smug and happy and frequently used male submissive – how do you feel about yourself in the “before” version, and the advice you were given by others? Was any of that advice worth passing on the other equally unhappy and frustrated male submissives, and if so, what?

What “acts” do you currently find unspeakable, but intriguing?

How did you discover that you were submissive? was it inherent? did you always know?

Dear Axe,

When you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s only you with your thoughts…

What do you think about?


How has being from South Dakota influenced your kink? 😉

-What issues have come up for you as someone blogging about your sexual life? How have your play partners and friends (or other people you’ve written about) reacted to your writing?

-How did you start blogging about kink in the first place? What did you expect to get out of the experience, and how has what actually happened synced with or differed from those initial expectations?

1. When you were describing your week of beatings, you said she wanted to train you to associate pain and pleasure. Was her objective to move you to a place where pain became pleasure, where they merged? Or, did she reward you with pleasure only after you’d received pain from her – and that was the association she was trying to develop? And, how far did you evolve during that training week? How were you different at the end vs. where you started?

2. Are you ever allowed to orgasm without her explicit permission? Put another way, are you ever allowed to decide the moment of sexual pleasure at your discretion – such as may be the case in vanilla love-making where the male decides when he will orgasm?

Axe, How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

Serious question is has blogging helped with getting to know more about you as a person? Is your intention to help others in the journey of finding out what makes them tick as a submissive?

Thanks for being so entertaining and informative.

Love your interviews and think it’s great ghat you’ll get to be on the other end of the mic.

So how dies being submissive relate to the rest of your life, and your aspirations in life? Aspirations like personal growth, spiritual growth, career, family (ok that’s a question from the other end of the telescope, since I’m 50-something). Is it a distraction? Is it the main show?

Another way of asking the same thing: how do you fit your life around kink, or kink around your life?

If you could wave a magic wand and be vanilla, would you? Would you have a year ago? Three years ago?

Thanks for your thoughts.

What is the deep dark fantasy that you do not want to reveal to your partner?

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday morning?

I love that Sunday morning question.

Favorite author/book?

You seem so comfortable in within your sexuality. My question is how and when did you get this way. I have been with other sub men, and they all seem still conflicted in their roles. I am just curious as to what make you comfortable to serve, to be open about what you like, if anything?

Lady Vixen, thank you for asking that question much more directly and simply than I was able to. For me, that *is* the most compelling thing about the interviews.

“Library Vixen” – fingers moving faster than brain – sorry about that.

Having been married to my Mistress for 11 years, I’d like to hear your perspective on ballancing an everyday relationship with your submissive side.


Do you feel that there are certain characteristics any man may have that makes him predisposed to or plainly submissive? Is it unequivocally innate or can it be 1 part learned & 1 part genetic??

Are there signs you feel someone can see (if they look carefully or not) to know if a guy is a submissive?

Sorry if it may not be as eloquent as it can be, but I hope you get my gist. And I’m not too late!