Instructional Toy

She’s been teaching classes one-on-one lately and has had quite a few people sign up.

Recently one of her students wanted to learn fire-play and I was lucky enough to be the subject for the lesson.

I’ve been in this situations a number of times on a variety of different subjects.   Each time it triggers an interesting part of my mind.

The part that responds to objectification.

Unlike most times we play, I’m not the center of attention.  It’s as though I am providing a service by being there.

When she teaches these we feel closer to each other afterwards, it makes me feel great afterwards when her student walks away after learning something they hadn’t considered before and…well…it’s…fucking fun!

She’s even started a new website to tell the world what she offers in her one-on-one classes.

It’s called My Partner is Kinky.   If you or someone you know is looking to learn some basic or advanced play, now you know where to look!:)



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I just wanted to mention quickly how much I enjoy your blog. I have been a ‘silent reader’ for sometime. You are very bright and your wit is a pleasure. 🙂