Hard Limit

It seems that serious relationships are a hard limit for me.

It’s hard because this limit holds me back in many ways. It’s only a problem when I meet someone I’d be lucky to be in a serious romantic relationship with.

It almost never happens. But when it does, that hard limit is hard for me to have.

I gotta get that fixed.

It makes me feel longing and achy and not for the sex.

Ok, not just for the sex.

I’ve asked a few friends and some say that therapy is the answer, others say time.

I’m hoping someone makes a pill.


Awww but why is it a “limit”? I imagine it’s not a matter of choice, that you are somehow scared of relationships, or some other such thing holds you back. Hope you figure it out soon 🙂

Whatever this pill is, it won’t really work the way you would hope, so you’d end up feeling unemotional. Or blah. Or, god-forbid, vanilla. =)

While I’ve never needed therapy myself, I can see the good that it does in others, so I would recommend it. But ask people who’ve had it for better advice. Anything from me is just hearsay.

I think what you’re feeling (and me too, right now,) is something that everyone goes through…working through it on one’s own can be difficult (and lonely) but it works (especially if you find the right person along the way). I think people turn to therapy when they can’t figure out how to pass that limit. Anyway, just a thought,