Happy Anniversary

It’s been a busy last few weeks.

  • I got mugged on my way to work.
  • I finished one website for a client and started on another.
  • Sade started school again after a far-too-short summer break.
  • At my day job another friend/coworker was fired (I really really really need to look for a new job).

Yesterday was a big day. The anniversary of our first date.

So how did we celebrate?

I wish I could say I took Sade to a nice dinner out on the town or that we did something special.

Instead it was our typical busy weekend. Just like the busy weekdays but instead of going to work I spent more time doing my freelance work and cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry.

We both felt bad for not doing something to mark the occasion.

I felt especially bad. Our first date was the first indication that she was interested in more than just casual play. She wanted to see if she liked me as a person in a vanilla context and not just for kinky sex.

I remember how nervous I was, I kept reminding myself not to get “all submissive” as one friend put it.

I took her to go geocaching (link) before we caught a movie (Inglorious Bastards). Halfway through I remember thinking “fuck, why did I pick one of the nerdiest activities one can do on a date.”. Surprisingly she loved it. Enough to warrant a second date and a third and now we’re getting married in June.

So for our anniversary date we didn’t do anything special.

Instead of a fancy dinner I bought her some Skittles and coconut water.

She smiled and kissed me.

So I guess it was pretty special after all.


Congrats on your anniversary – I’m glad it was coconut water and not a hoodie! 😛

Sorry to read about you being mugged, sheesh! 🙁

I can’t read your posts without thinking .. Awwwww or WOW!