Groped on the subway

Coming back from an event wearing leather pants on the subway Saturday night.

Drunk guy groped me on the subway and tried to convince me to come home with him.

I did my best to remain calm and get the guy to relax and just leave the train on the next stop and he did.

The doors on the subway closed after he left and I was hoping that a group of drunken sorority girls would hop in on the next stop and attempt to do the same.

Nope, no drunken sorority girls arrived. Not even a sober one.

Damn I need to get groped by a woman soon…just so I don’t feel dirty.


Consider yourself groped, dear.

How about double groped? (grin)

see, we told you those leather pants were hot.

and if a gay guy thinks you look good in them, it’s probably a fact.

Frottage on the subway!

Wohoo! Multi groping!!!!!

Yeah… I find that drunken pervs are never quite what you hope for. 🙂

Good luck with the group grope.